Nerd³ Plays... Cookie Clicker - More -

Nerd³ Plays… Cookie Clicker – More

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The third and final part of the trilogy nobody asked for or deserved.

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  1. This runs on the shity browser of switch and I haven't touched Zelda since if try it turn down graphics

  2. But wait, how did Dan get the footage for the flash forward?

  3. OH good lord. "Help me's bakery"…. kinda rolls off the tongue doesnt it. i distinctly have an odd and sudden craving for cookies.

  4. Fudge. WHY DAD. WHY REMIND ME OF THIS GAME?!?! goes to play

  5. So send him to a mental hospital nvm that may not work well I am just going to call it a curse

  6. Dan… you will never get rid of the click

  7. Whenever I think of dan, I think of TOP QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT! I love the comedy that is in every video… never loose dat dan

  8. Finally made it back to the grandmapocalypse, all downhill from here

  9. Fuck that shit. Play Candy Box!

    Although, it's a very good game. Don't get me wrong. Candy Box has rpg elements tho.

  10. "Help Me's Bakery." WELL THEN. Also, I don't see what you're talking about Dan. I am completely immune to the side effects of Cookie Clicker. i hope so anyways

  11. Nobody finds it suspicious that he takes the month of, a week after this video?

  12. Model Trains?
    Well fuck thats one of my hobbies what do I do?

  13. "Nah it's shit"

    This is why Dan will always be my favorite.

  14. So Dan ISN'T taking an "extended break" after all.

    He's in the DashNet basement.

  15. We all know this is the real reason why he left

  16. wait a second…

    what the fuck am i seeing whenever it flashes to the infinite cookies….
    Dan… Are you ok…?

  17. I just went to the cookieclicker website, and apparently I have 1.2 nonillion cookies laying around I didn't know about…

  18. Don't EVER play cookie clicker. Last time I played it I woke up in the Himalayas next too a yeti and we were both trying to find the secret cookie scroll for how to make the perfect cookie…

  19. he really needs more views. he actually made a video about a game that he is not gonna play

  20. It's a lot less addicting when you know how to cheat it.

  21. Who else is here cause of domics?

  22. Dan… I just got myself to stop playing this game… and you upload this…
    13 octillion cookies per second…

  23. "I have an addictive personality which is why I don't do alcohol or drugs or model trains" I have an addictive personality and do model (electric) trains…

  24. I'm sorry but cookie clicker and candy crush? It's 2017 not 2014 god

  25. Bernie gores a.k.a. Wings of redemption says:

    Cookie clicker the n sane trilogy

  26. I started playing Cookie Clicker right after I saw this video and your other Cookie Clicker videos. I'm still playing it today. It's all your fault.

  27. Only one more year until the next episode of cookie clicker

  28. Still playing in 2021 with 1.309 septendecillion cookies baked.

  29. Oh my god, dan has started collecting model trains…

  30. …Just stopping by to remind everyone…
    Cookie Clicker is still there. Waiting.

  31. Who is here after Cookie Clicker is coming to Steam news from the latest Nerdcubed Show… 👀

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