My highest Cookie Clicker combo (giga tryhard's post-endgame elder frenzy combo) -

My highest Cookie Clicker combo (giga tryhard’s post-endgame elder frenzy combo)

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F+DH+BS+DF+CF+EF(+2GC) to become a duovigintillionaire.
The first time any vanilla no-scum player got this combo and the execution for it. 300+ hours of commitment / ~45 attempts on average to hit it once, I was lucky to hit it on my 15th attempt. Frenzy and Dragon Harvest was stacked before starting recording.


  1. wait? did you do this before cortex bakers were added and bottomless pit was even an achievement? I don't know when specific things were added to the game because I am pretty new to the full size of the game even though i have been playing for a year

  2. Lol why does it stop at 21.318 duovigintillion?

  3. no way, i need to master my golden cookie spams

  4. "im jsut a good old cookie minding my oun buisness, i sure hope someone doesnt come along and click m-O JAWVUFVWIKAJM <FGHGUKSJVFAUYWEZSFI&WYAUSCVVGSA

  5. I see….. but why dragon flifht can appear with click frenzy….

  6. So what happened was he got frenzy and dragon harvest, then spawned the golden cookies and waited for the dragon flight then used the golden lock, then loans and sugar frenzy, plant garden with wiskerbloom, and CLICK!!!!

  7. In my opinion this can be used as an exploit, not a strategy or combo.

  8. How does your frenzy last 19 mins i dont know how to do that

  9. So many attempts must have actually been painful dude, even the first ef scry takes a long time… And then to hope for a df every time you get dh+bs must have been hell, and then the pure luck you need for a cf from one of the gcs… And you got lucky with 2 onscreen gcs. gg dude

  10. You hit the nice number of cookies 😏😏😏

  11. is there a reason that not selling all the buildings?

  12. I thought I knew everything about this game, but you have proved me wrong. not sure how u got click frenzy + dragon flight to stack because it seems to change the outcome for me

  13. me, struggling to stack even three golden cookie effects: 🗿

  14. My brain cannot process what just happened, but it looked hella cool

  15. i dont see ANY improvement. this might be the perfect cookie clicker combo. correct me if im wrong. you can't get any more affects. well job dude

    Edit : i mean a way you could get more cookies is if you actually only sold your farms. selling different buildings at different times doesn't actually give more cookies

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