My Cookie Clicker 61 Vigintillion Combo -

My Cookie Clicker 61 Vigintillion Combo

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  1. you have 2 frenzies on start. old version of the game? because I have max only one!

  2. Do you think you’ll go for bigger combos?

  3. How does 1 Wizard tower make that much mana Im kind of new and I am Confused

  4. Did you manipulate the RNG or did you just try that a million times XD there is no way you got 4 building specials into click frenzy.

  5. Seeing this is like witnessing some sort of 4d chess thing…lol.
    I don't think I want to go through the headache to make some of these combos work, and I don't feel like savescumming. It's not cheating I guess, but I'm not gonna do it, lol.

  6. Hold on how you get dragon harvest to last for 3 minutes

  7. Congratulations, you've won Cookie Clicker!

  8. How you do that in the bank? I mean, the thing like the 1st loan, 2nd loan and 3rd loan? It's something for the banks level 10?

  9. Nice job completing the game but how come you don't have all heavenly upgrades?

  10. what is the name of the sites you see golden and red cookies

  11. Congrats!
    Basically is necessary to savescumming until get good things on the grimoire? I've trying but never get one BS from there, am i doing something wrong?

  12. How could you… Why did u sell the poor grandmas

  13. Nice. I, as a lower level player made 13.7 years of cps, roughly 14 years of cps through a simple combo.

  14. Howd you make it so your cursers didnt move???

  15. holy cannoli, that's big money. and i was happy about my measly little 120 octocec combo…

  16. how did you make the golden cookies stack, like you had around 3-4 building specials and how did you make the golden cookies last 26 minutes ?

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