My 69 Duovigintillion Cookie Clicker Combo -

My 69 Duovigintillion Cookie Clicker Combo

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  1. How to have a video get more views: Have "69" in its name.

  2. Nice combo. You should level up your garden more and go for Golden Clover in order to make golden cookies appear even more frequently.

  3. i saw the hidden autoclicker app its very faint

  4. u commented on a guy video saying hes cheater but look at this huh whos the cheater now huh

  5. Wow, good job. Can I have some tips for planning an advanced combo?

  6. Amazing, how long did it take to get those 3 cookies lined up in force the hand of fate?

  7. How'd you click the different buildings so fast when selling?

  8. You sold temple and you didn’t even get loans from stock market. Could’ve kept it and swapped mokalsium for more profit. And also, no max garden?

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