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[Music] Cookie Clicker w/ The Living Tombstone

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New Collab with Tomb over here. Go check it out, homies.

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  1. The living… Tombstone? OH NO FREDDY'S THERE!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have just became infinity times more happy because you posted something.

  3. I mistook this for a livestream for a moment, wondering how the hell one would even stream cookie clicker…

  4. Best ten-second song ever! I thought the dealer who sold it to me was ripping me off, but this video was well worth the many yen I spent.

  5. That game is the DEVIL!!
    I'll never get those twelve hours of my life back!

  6. Okay so I need the name of your pony OC to help me out in this fanfiction business… can u tell me??? Im dieing to to know just out of curiosity as well! ^_^ U r soo awesome just an incredible human being! (Can u tell Im sucking up to you?) But in all honesty, you are incredible and I thought ya should know that… Now how about the name of your OC I was talkin' about earlier???

  7. @MicTheMicrophoneZero Do you wanna do gameplay videos?

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