Most Addicting Game EVER! (Cookie Clicker) -

Most Addicting Game EVER! (Cookie Clicker)

The Skorys
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Ok but for real, this game went from boring to SUPER addicting real fast! I’m obsessed with it!
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  1. The Skorys Hello Neighbour alpha 2 please!!!

  2. I want Eden to audition for SevenFuntasticGirls.

  3. I do not get how this game is addictive because all ur doing is just clicking and clicking and clicking

  4. roi wassabi works in guava juice did u know that! but i do think the skorys should meet him

  5. please please please please play Subway Surfers

  6. I'm addicted to YouTube, Lego, and penguin evolution

  7. you are looking for a couple of years ago and have a great time

  8. who else was shouting in there min GET GRANDMA

  9. Play rodeo stampede and hoshi saga from friv

  10. Who else was screaming "BUY ITTTT YOU HAVEE ENOUGH COOKIES FOR IT!"

  11. Well if you dont want to click it guys a clever thing to do is get a auto clicker comon sense….

  12. This was so funny 😆! I replayed the time when Gabriella found out what she was doing so many times! It was so funny!

  13. I cccccantttt stttttop Laughing because she wouldn’t stop pressing did you press the button thousand and hundred times and she didn’t know there.was a hint more to the game oh my goodness this girl and she she made me laugh the whole night to literally made me Laugh and cry cry please sub to her

  14. It's when you give a mouse a cookie, it wants milk. When you give a mouse milk, it wants a straw.

  15. I'v got 6.167 Septenquadragintillion cookies. and 155.224 sextillion in 1 click.

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