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“MINING & FARMING GRANDMA’S!” | Cookie Clicker Ep. 2 (gameplay)

Solaito – NFT Gaming
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Let’s play Cookie Clicker! In this gameplay / playthrough video we’ll be purchasing our first factories and banks. As well as some upgrades for our grandma’s.

Cookie Clicker (play free in browser):

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  1. I love your channel and understand what is happening right now and you need to play more trending games such as fortnite or pubg and you will get more views, I loved your king of thieves but that died down and wasn’t really interested in your other videos but I am not critiquing your channel but live it and want you to get what you deserve, don’t stop doing what you love

  2. I will unsubscribe because I subed because of cats

  3. If you played fortnite your channel would grow faster

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