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Minecraft | The INFINITE Stone | Minevolution | Cookie Clicker In Minecraft (Minecraft Redstone)

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Minecraft | The INFINITE Stone | Infiniminer in Minecraft | Minecraft Redstone Creation
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Welcome to The Infinite Stone, a Minecraft Infiniminer. It’s pretty much Cookie Clicker in Minecraft, but with a Minecraft 1.8 twist on things. Mine the Infinite Stone, sell stone to get pickaxe upgrades and enlist of the help of the Dwarves and Warlocks to achieve unbelievable mining rates!

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► Music/Intro/Outro by Shag
► Graphic Intro by Bilal


Minecraft Infiniminer / The Infinite Stone / Minevolution Map

Map by TheVoid1313

“Redletter” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

All music used with permission from its creator.


  1. PickCrafter in Minecraft confirmed!

    Damn… I had same idea once ;-;

  2. its late at night and i read the tittle as the ∞ stones bla bla bla

  3. logdotzip is it broken if the stone doesnt spawn after the first break?

  4. Kinda wish there was a new version of this map!

  5. Thanos colecting the infinity stones: am i a joke to you?

  6. Vanonandon wants you to mine it
    Thanos wants to know your location

  7. i clicked like not because of the infinistone but because of the infinichest episode need a to be continued…

  8. SCP-847 is a light grey stone. When mined with the wooden pickaxe it places in the hands of the closest person a small cube shaped rock and instantly materialises again.When left for more than 10 minutes, it encourages the person with the pick to, “Come on and mine the Infinite Stone!” Once it has been mined a total of 64 times, a small wooden stall will materialise next to SCP-847 selling several stronger pickaxes, including pickaxes made out of dangerous elements such as Uranium however these pickaxes are not detrimental to the user’s health. These pickaxes can be bought with stone and other materials obtained by trading with the Smeltery, another stall that materialises soon after. There are a total of 10 different resources that can be obtained with the Smeltery and they can also be obtained by buying helpers from the last stall. These resources have been named SCP-847-1, SCP-847-2, SCP-847-3 and so on.

    Experiment 847-1
    Agent[REDCATED] placed a total of 64 stone cubes on the counter of the smeltery stall. The stone disappeared completely and was replaced by a small gold nugget. It is assumed that 64 of one resource is needed for one of the next tier.

    Experiment 847-2
    Agent[REDACTED] placed 15 diamonds on the counter of the pickaxe stall. They disappeared completely once again and were replaced by a pickaxe of an unknown element. Upon closer inspection, the pickaxe was made out of a brand new element. This element had an atomic number of 119 and was to be called ‘Adamantium’. The pickaxe materialised on the edge of the counter and so fell and impaled Agent[REDACTED]’s foot. From now on, staff are advised to stand to the side of the counter in order to avoid any possibly fatal injuries.

    End of Report

  9. Anyone else keeps on rewatching this series

  10. i remember watching this but how do i play it in 1.16.1

  11. Gotta love the big youtubers that don't pay any attention to detail in the game they're playing. Really takes away from the enjoyment of the video. If you would read the signs you would've understood what they did smh

  12. The ship is not working for me and it be a photographer villager lvl 4

  13. i remembered playing this a few years ago and now i found it!

  14. It appears I have found a part of my childhood

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