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Minecraft Skyblock with Yogscast Sips #42 – Cookie Clicker

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We start a brand new bulk and start smashing through some challenges!

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  1. they really need to make it so that they hit the feet of the mobs. they wont die as much.

  2. Ever see a violent constipated pygmy fight 6.7 wild cobras with its left earlobe? Well neither have we but maybe our videos will be a similar form of entertainment

  3. check out my new skyblock server on my channel

  4. You could use a piston, water, and half slabs to make a flush system for the items. Then you wouldn't actually have to go in the grinder.

  5. I'll just stick to making mob grinders in FTB, thank you.

  6. Put both bows in a crafting table and it should repair them.

  7. I like how Smiffy was the serious one this episode! Like… Seriously, you guys was doing some serious slacking for Smiffy to take the lead! Lol However, way to go Smiff!

  8. On cookie clicker I have 800 billion

  9. I like to start every morning with a dose of Sips and Hatfilms .. and today, I choked on my tea from laughter .. Touché.

  10. You guys are great.! I'm looking forward to the assassination.><

  11. Guys,to make a hay block you need 9 wheat in the 3 by 3 recipe just like iron blocks,so you'd need 36 wheat!

  12. You get the redstone from witches + if you place lava over redstone it should turn into obsidian. There's a way to make your mob spawner uncreepable.

  13. Pls make more episodes and a series thanks for putting the vids up on youtube I really enjoyed

  14. Anybody know where I can get some good top shelf jenk?

  15. My heart stopped when sips blew up with the axe on him. Got over it tho

  16. Smith don't break the bottom of the sugar cane brake the next one up from it will save you the trouble of having to replant

  17. You need to make that grinder a few floors lower so they just die and you don't need to hit them you really don't need xp you just want the items so theres no point in having it so you have to kill them

  18. double layer the cobble in the grinder so that the damage lets less stuff through to the void

  19. I wonder if a hopper or series of hoppers in the rumble pit floor with chests beneath to collect the items that mobs drop would work. They probably don't have the iron for it but it's a thought.

  20. can you tell me when your next vid is plz

  21. Oh my goodness!!!! With 3 of those buckets of milk, you chaps should totally make a cake!!!!!!! Oh wait . . . you don't have eggs. Never mind. =P

  22. While I didn't mind the "slacking" because you guys make me laugh regardless of what you do; Smith deserves mega props for handling the tasks in this episode. I mean, he went from not knowing how to make a bucket or shears to knocking out a large sum of Cookies and Hay in a matter of seconds, all by himself. Awwwww ^.^

  23. you can use the redstone to make obsidian, look  it up, it works

  24. If sips doesn't stop holding the axe I'll unsubscribe to both of you

  25. Part of "wolf of wall st." Was filmed in my hometown :3

  26. You guys… your mob grinder is all kinds of wrong. Here's how I recommend you guys do it do it:

    Same general setup, except the 2×2 falling tunnel thing goes all the way to ground level. There, put 2×2 trapdoors inside the tunnel with buttons. That way, you can press the button and it'll "dispense" your loot and then close again, making it safe to collect drops. Also make it high enough to kill witches instantly, because they heal themselves.

  27. Did anyone else want to see the hat guy?

  28. kanimiso a You can't download shatblock because of the way it was designed. They discussed it in a previous episode. If you go to their site you can find a multiplayer skyblock server, but it's normal.

  29. The rumble pit should have its own death counter.

  30. Bless Smiffy for being the only one actually doing the challenges this episode.

  31. I knew sips was gonna do that… I was so worried about the bow and the axe, I was like sips, just put them in the chest but no…

  32. Ross fucking called it with Leo not getting the Oscar

  33. Anyone have that "OHNOOOOOOOH" sample, of sips? 😀

  34. Fucking annoying how sips uses the fucking axe, just not funny

  35. This series was a lot of fun until the mob farm was made. Now I spend 10 minutes an episode ripping my dick off at how dumb you all are. HOW MANY TIMES MUST A CREEPER EXPLODE UNTIL YOU LEARN!

  36. DJ-HD-3D-Cinemax. Makes me laugh every time

  37. It's unbelievable how many times these guys make the same mistake. Don't go in the rumble pit… you'll blow everything up and lose all your shit.

  38. The away no just kills me every time 😂😂😂😂😂

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