maxing out cookie clicker -

maxing out cookie clicker

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  1. or you can rename your bakery to "your name here" saysopensesame and the you be cheat tools haha

  2. man I thought you wold get more crsors than me,I onec got 5200 cursours

  3. Wanna go crazy and cookie clicker? name your bakery fsaysopensesame

  4. is it bad that i do this from time to time

  5. i make 10 quadrillion per click and 3.776 septillion per second

  6. Bro forgetting about the saysopensesame, you can easily get inf

  7. To those unfamiliar with cookie clicker, outside of the infinity cookies & ridiculous amount of buildings, this is barely 60% of the game achievement wise

  8. Has anyone else noticed he had like 69 tabs opened

  9. bro how you go to theother thing you put to do the inf cookie cheats

  10. If you put opensaysame after your name you get dev tools

  11. just change your bakery name to “___” <—-you can put something here then type saysopensesame. Example: bruh saysopensesame
    And then on the top left of your screen you should see a glitched cookie, hover your mouse over it and spam the 1k button. This only works if you have 1 cookie or more

  12. I used to play this in class my teacher was cool

  13. I like Mario and I hear Mario music!😄

  14. btw if you change your bakery name to fishsaysopensesame than you will get actual hack

  15. bro thats nothing, i get 1dcillion per second.

  16. you can literally name yourself

    {any word} saysopensesame

    to get literal dev features

  17. Yo con casi 700 horas de juego y apenas 40 quintillones por segundo, 40 quintillones armando una jugada pasiva sin cliquear lo que me da más galletas por segundo a cambio de no poder hacer click… La decepción, la traición.

  18. Me who changed the name to “saysopensesame” look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power

  19. because he got no legacy upgrades this is a trash-ass save

  20. testing out the hack is much easy than playing the whole game.

  21. Congrats! you maxed out the integer limit… (ufairly)

  22. i love how the game calls you out for this and even has an achievement for this.

  23. How i make more cookies than you on account i made in 1 day without cheats

  24. i still have more factorys then u becuase i named myself crispy sesosamepen or whatever the name is

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