Make Cookie Clicker in Unreal Engine (mobile game in unreal engine tutorial) -

Make Cookie Clicker in Unreal Engine (mobile game in unreal engine tutorial)

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Step by step tutorial on how to create a cookie clicker game in the unreal engine for mobile or pc.
How to make mobile game UE4

00:00 Intro
00:24 Preparing project
02:14 Creating player and widget blueprint
04:19 Creating game screen
06:54 Adding score after clicking on the cookie
09:46 Creating animation after clicking on the cookie
12:02 Automatization
19:41 Outro

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  1. What would be the best way to go about saving all of these values, I have been able to get this to work and function but as soon as I close the game down and reopen it all of the data is wiped. I know about save games but since this is a UMG Widget I don't think it's possible to just cross that data over easily? Any help would be great

  2. I know you probably arent reading these comments but i have a few questions if i create a shop ( when clicked on- create widget-add to viewport ) will it close the previous widget or can i spam infinite number of levels till it overloads my ram? 2. The automatization sets the "cookies" to 0 even if you have 21 and doesnt do anything after that could it be because i copied the "cookies" variable?

  3. Wow. I was following other tutorials and got things to works as shown but i just couldnt follow and understand it… You go through everything pretty fast BUT you also make sure to do/note every minor important detail that new people to unreal(ME) absolutely need. Its crazy how a VERY VERY small detail that a lot of tutorials skip over due to be it being "obvious" can literally throw a new learner into like a 1hour search for a fix….The fact that you went through the game setup in the beginning literally saved me hours. I was looking how to set the game to portrait mode for HOURS and literally had no idea that there is a whole mobile setup….TLDR; Perfect tutorial. Perfect Speed(i had to rewind a lot BUT logically if you go slower it would lower the quality of the video). Perfect attention to detail.. Subbed for sure. Thank you!!!!

  4. Extremely helpful for learning a lot of these fundamental elements (even in UE5), and well-presented too. Thank you!

  5. Quiero que la galleta sea en 3DY que se destruya luego de cierto tiempo

  6. seems like 5.0.0 have some issues with the widgets, but it could me learning at the same time and doing, not intended things 😀

  7. Great tutorial. This really helped me a lot with learning blueprints and variables

  8. Omg this was so useful!! Sending luv from Canada!

  9. Can you make a tutorial for having this game save its progress, please? I can't figure it out.

  10. Cant find "Slot (Canvas Panel Slot)" in Unreal Engine 5 Preview.

  11. download now cookie the game 🙂 on apple and google play (perfect tuturial)

  12. When I change the rotation of viewport and I clicked on play thé rotation doesnt change

  13. for some reason my button turns back to a grey box when the mouse is hovering over it

  14. Thank you for this tutorial. It could be that I'm just new to your content, but you seemed to speed through some things very quickly and didn't fully explain what you were doing some of the time which left me a little lost. Although I had to pause and rewind several times, your tutorial was a great help to me!

  15. This is rought. I mean you are flying on it without actually telling us what and why.

  16. Thanks for the nice tutorial! At about 1:25, I changed it to portrait mode but the orientation on the computer simulation was not changing. I also changed the android platform settings to be in portrait mode but it was not working. However, I know this is weird but it works fine when I run it on the phone. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

  17. This was amazing! Just what I was looking for. I made a 2D game in 2020 and could have done with this tutorial haha!!
    Also, thankyou for not talking tooo much just going straight through, meant I didn't have to skip anything lol

  18. TUTORIAL means to teach us something, the people who are not that good enough. TUTORIAL doesn't mean to show us how good and fast you are… :/ Me as an active subscriber of yours, I would like to ask you, in the future when you continue making Tutorials, please make it slow and proper… This will keep me as your active subscriber and recommend your channel to others to learn from you. But if your future Tutorials will be as fast as this one ( and many others ), I will have no other choice but unsubscribe . I hope you will get critics in a positive way and improve the next Tutorials, that way your Channel will grow even more, and we will be happy to remain your followers and recommend your Channel to others.
    Thanks for your videos and your effort .

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