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Make an Auto-Clicker for Cookie Clicker

Keith Shelton
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I was just introduced to this game by a friend this week. After messing around for a little while I decided that there was an easier way to do this.
This walks through creating a function and timer in JavaScript that will automatically “click” the big cookie on Cookie Clicker ( )

The function is:
function click_it( ){ document.getElementById(“bigCookie”).click( ); }

Timer that triggers the function is:
setInterval(“click_it( )”, 1);

The music is:
Transience by Will Bedford (aka 2-Byte)
visit his channel:
Listen to the whole song:


  1. but since i got the cheat for infinite sugar lumps, there is a large code that makes me get a big level by pressing the ~ key that i dont know how to make it work. reply to me please. you can see the code here:

  2. Cool. Just waht I what looking for. Thanks 🙂

  3. thanks! enjoying the game a lot more now. every 3 years later you save someone boredom!

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