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Longest Cookie Chain Streak – 17 clicks – Cookie Clicker

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Check out the amount of cookies the final stage gives!!! Waiting for this to happen is the golden moment in cookie clicker and it finally happened! Boom!! Look how heavenly chips jumped the roof after the final stage!! The final click gives you 66,666,666,666,666,666 cookies which is a lot!

Awesome game!!

Video also inlcudes the 777xclicking power and 666xproduction power.


  1. aww fuck 🙁 i clicked the cookie chain and thought i just got 6 cookies so i looked away at another monitor searching up why tf i only got 6 cookies and now ive learnt that was very lucky and i couldve gotten so many :(((((

  2. I got a cookie chain and i wasnt ready so i only got 2 clicks…..

  3. Thats the Cookie Monster. JS-addon that doesn't play for you, rather shows vital information to help you play better. Google it. 🙂

  4. could you please make a tutorial how to add cookie monster i cant figure it out 🙂 thanks

  5. Can you do a tutorial to install cookie monster

  6. I just got an 18 chain earlier today. My first 18 chain, at that.
    btw I have about 8500 HC

  7. I have 942 Quad cookies in my bank atm and I just got a 2 cookie cookie chain… AND it was the full chain

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