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“JUST PLAIN LUCKY!” | Cookie Clicker Ep. 4 (gameplay)

Solaito – NFT Gaming
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Let’s play Cookie Clicker! In this gameplay / playthrough video we’ll be spending our first sugar lumps, purchasing our first shipment and unlock the just plain lucky shadow achievement.

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  1. i dont got the achievement even with now 1000 play time wtf

  2. I didnt get it even though i have 1 sextillion cookies

  3. what i got it on steam somehow by doing nothing

  4. Man, please please please play Hustle Castle! Best game ever, at least one episode! Please

  5. please take off the subscribe and like banner, other than that solid video. Love this series my friend!

  6. Why did you move into that room
    ;Solaito) it’s my house on a weekend

  7. I got the achievement "just plain lucky" and searched it on youtube and found this. Cool!

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