Insane Cookie Clicker Combo (x10 billion CPS) -

Insane Cookie Clicker Combo (x10 billion CPS)

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In this video I use custom script to perform quadcast combo resulting in x10 billion CPS boost.
This combo can be done in a vanilla game without scripts, but it requires good reaction speed and predetermining outcomes of the spell by trial and error (which also depend on how many golden cookies there are on screen at the moment). Order of the outcomes is constant and depends on a seed of the game, it changes each ascension.
If performed successfully, this can bring your progress from mid-game to late-game in no time!

Buffs activated:
Frenzy x7
Banks x81
Sugar Frenzy x3
Farms x84
Portals x74
Elder Frenzy x666
Golden Switch x1.5

Garden x1.68
Click Frenzy x777
Godzamok x35

Total boost activated: x10^10
Clicking boost activated: x45688

Music by C418 – Cookie Clicker OST


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    also, nice vid!

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