Info On Cookie Clicker Cheats
Info On Cookie Clicker Cheats

Info On Cookie Clicker Cheats

The famous incremental online game has achieved mind-blowing success. Millions of players all over the world enjoy its additive content. Although its gameplay is simple, there are still users who want to have an edge. No wonder such a demand led to some interesting offers: Cookie Clicker cheats. They’re free of charge, easy to set up, and don’t require you to download anything.

Magic of Cheating

There are a lot of things you can improve in the title. The question is what exactly you want to get in the end. Have a look at this short list of hidden opportunities of the adventure:

  • Infinity cookies. Just imagine having a limitless number of products right away. What will you do with it? What will your development strategy be? Invest the wealth wisely and simply have fun.
  • Superfast CpS indicators. How many cookies can you make per second? With a special cheat code, it’ll be more than you’ve thought of.
  • Frozen prices. In the original game, prices go up as you develop. Isn’t it annoying? Apply a code to prevent the growth and keep them rock-bottom.

Watch this to see what one gamer has managed to achieve:

How to Initiate Cookie Clicker Cheats


The easiest way to meddle with the title is to use a special extension TemperMonkey. Designed both for professionals and amateurs, it has a simple interface. Open it together with the adventure and paste the necessary script. Save the results and have a look at what changes such manipulations bring.

How to Initiate Cookie Clicker Cheats

If you know a bit more about programming, try browser console opportunities. Open it and find the necessary window to add a command you need. For example, infinite cookies.

Going for It?

Using Cookie Clicker cheats is a great way to play the game without any limitations. Besides, some users want to see everything inside out before trying it by the rules. Despite all the benefits, never forget about the downsides. The developer has made it perfect just the way it is. All the challenges are an integral part of the process. Aren’t you afraid to skip the most delicious features of the adventure? Anyway, the decision is yours to make. Find the crab game and have fun!

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