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hello, apologies for the prolonged break, I made a community post going more in depth but I got a bit burnt out on videos and had some issues making something that I thought people would enjoy, hopefully you guys like this video I managed to make, I’ll be returning to a more normal upload schedule.


  1. idle games are better when there are less graphics is what i learned… exponential idle, dodecadragons, idledysonswarm and Progress Knight 2 all dont have fancy graphics but are very very good just try them out all free. idle game with a lot animations and drawing are always pay to win and dont get a progression and prestige system to let u have fun… they balance it the way that u cant win without purchase and then pay to win start :/

  2. i have a lizard brain and enjoy "hehe big number go up"

  3. i as an idle game player find that you described the genre appropriately. and to add to your list of recommendable games i would add "Idling to rule the gods"

  4. I like Cell to Singularity as an Idle game because it also teaches a lot of science stuff while you see numbers go up, very fun game

  5. does anyone know the song playing from 3:50 onward? it's from my childhood so it's rly infuriating not being able to figure it outtt

  6. The best idle game is still NGU Idle, at least for me, it has so many mechanics that are introduced one after the other, so it doesn't get too overwhelming all at once. The progression is very nice and you almost always have something to do, grind, explore or similar.
    Very much recommended for anyone who remotely likes idle games, my fav for sure.

  7. Tunic is the worst example for a simple, cutesy game that is only seen at face value lmao

  8. People going into idle games, DO NOT PLAY LEAF BLOWER REVOLUTION U WILL NOT LIKE IT!!!

  9. I love idle games because they're one of the few games you can play while watching an anime or something

  10. 2:05 you play an an omnipotent leaf blower who can make mini leafblowers and you either kill or push leaves

  11. What the fuck is this song that’s playing in the background i have heard it so many times

  12. I have a guy on my friends list with 35k hours on clicker heroes and multiple thousand hours on other idle games aswell, he once said to me on a csgo server that he sometimes has up to 10 idle games running at the same time while also actually playing a game at the same time. Its a weird type of dopamine inducing addiction gamegenre to certain types of people. I've never understood it personally but thats fine

  13. Dawg, just play idleon, its the perfect balance in my opinion

  14. I have nearly 500 hours in Leaf Blower Revolution because of this video
    Thank you for the digital crack addiction

  15. Funnily enough, the "great" incremental games tend to be less graphically-inclined (and often have no sound). I wonder if it's because they cannot rely on pretty colorful graphics as a crutch.

  16. Idle games are equivalent to participation trophies…There is a sense of achievement with no effort required.

  17. AdVenture Capitalist.
    Not a great deal of replayability but still worth a squizz from any gamer.
    Arguably the best in the genre.

  18. It's nice hearing windmill isle at the beginning of each of your videos because it is the best sonic ost I have ever heard

  19. I recommend a dark room by doublespeak games; if you like resource management type games.

  20. Leaf blower revolution was fun bu5 after I while I stooped but still a fun game

  21. I have an ongoing cookie clicker save that I play every day. I use a fully idle strat where all I do is trade stocks, pop wrinklers and buy more buildings and upgrades. I just keep the tab open to poke at whenever I hit a transition art period or need to wait for something for a few minutes. It's a nice little release that doesn't suck me in and waste a bunch of time because of the way I have it set up.

  22. Because of you, i started LeafBlowerRev. Thank you

  23. Idle games are all the same. They're not fun anymore 😞

  24. I dont mess with idle games anymore because I would get really addicted and playing this type of game for hours loses the point.
    However I'll leave my recommendations if you enjoy this type of game:
    Cow Evolution and Egg Inc
    Cow Evolution was just really fun to see new cows I would get and read their silly descriptions, and they had great designs (cowzilla <3)
    Egg Inc has amazing visuals and great world building, if you're into alternate future scenarios you'll love this one

  25. Very cool! I'm a fan of idle games and AFK games in general and such… I made an isometric AFK indie game, called "Purge Heroes", I put some gameplays on my channel 🙂

  26. Simulators, Tycoons, and Idles. The worst, long-term, gameplay enjoyability ever.

  27. Great video, but I feel like it was lacking in some areas. I would of loved it if he went into CandyBox One and Two, the first idle games to get major attention. Then of course there's Sandcastle Builder, an idle game with one of the best stories Ive ever seen. And Kitten's Game, my personal favorite idle game.

  28. Kittens Game is good civ builder idler. You can not just make number bigger, you can unlock new numbers to grow! It has several prestige/perma upgrade mechanics.. And it all starts with you being a kitten in the catnip forest!

  29. one of my favorites is crab war
    though i dont play it anymore
    the uh…
    current tournament community sorta killed my enjoyment
    no kidding there was a time when people actually communicated in the tornaments via their very short usernames
    and people would coordinate getting ties so everyone walked away with more rewards

    now its "raw fuck you im taking first place"

  30. I LOVE Cookie Clicker, which is why I stopped playing it
    I played it for almost 2 months straight and got over 800 hours in it. There is like ~720 hours in a month. Needless to say my life kinda went downhill while playing it.

  31. Give antimatter dimensions a shot if you haven't already, once you know what you're doing it's very enjoyable

  32. There's an idle game I really like called Cell to Singularity that is similar to Cookie Clicker but teaches about evolution and stuff

  33. My jaw dropped when he mentioned GrindCraft, I know it existed but I didn't know that its so popular

  34. my favorite clicker game is Dogeminer, the amount of hours I spent in this game is unthinkable but i still love it. And that song is just slappin

  35. Banana Cats Explained 2 but its not very explained says:

    roblox simulaters

  36. one you should've tried (shown on the steam page in the video) is melvor idle, little more expensive than most clickers but in my opinion far more "rewarding" and not quite as idle as the others.

    it's basically idle runescape, you go through dungeons, level skills, but unlike your average idle game there's no prestige, skills can go up theoretically forever, but once you get to 99 (120 in the expansion) you're sort of done, there's even a completion long for how what items you've owned, pets you've found, dungeons you've completed etc. the thing i like about it over a lot of idle games is you still get that addictive "number go up" feeling, but it doesn't feel hollow, because there's an end point, a goal to reach and feel excitement over, like getting a 99 in runescape, you feel like you earned it, there's plenty of ways to go about levelling skills in different orders, do you train one skill or train another that has an item that trains the first ? and dungeons and monsters require quite a bit of thought, it's not just number go up into ballbagillion, there's end points. and a hardcore mode where your save is deleted if you die, you can win, and you can lose, but it's still idle.

    there's also games like (i forgot the name) reactor idle or factory idle, where you really have to think about your strategys, the one's you've picked are very "normal" and it's a bigger genre than just the surface ones

  37. Waste of time or emptiness feeling is defined by a point of view, the lack of skill and the never fail factor are two major attractive characteristics, but every game is a waste of time, its up to you how you spend yours

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