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I Spent Hours Clicking Stupid Cookies

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I Spent Hours Clicking Stupid Cookies

Some people have lofty goals but not everyone is cut out for this sort of achievement. I clicked cookies and then clicked even more cookies. I can’t even remember why I’m clicking cookies but that’s not going to stop me.

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  1. DF, for the Farm minigame, stager your crops with empty spaces, they can cross breed to create new plants which have have different and sometimes better effects. but you need to harvest the new ones when mature to get the seed.

  2. You have to leave a gap between the plants so that they mutate into different seeds

  3. Not sure if you use comments to help you out in your game, but here are a few things to note about progression. (Please note Veterans/Speedrunners, correct me if any info is wrong/outdated.)

    1. Stock Market doesn't really have a point early on, as it's more of a cookie/money sink to play around with when bored. (I've yet to find a viable way to use it to progress faster early game.)
    2. Focus time on Wizard Towers and Temples until you have a total of ~400 Legacy levels.
    3. 440 Legacy levels is in fact what most speedrun guides I've seen recommend for your first ascension.
    4. Farming minigame isn't really useful until later on either, as you aren't really able to get a lot of the rarer seeds until you have a larger grid size. (The Sugar Lump plant, at one step, requires you to surround a square on all sides, including corners, with another plant. which means you'd need at least Level 3 farms (or whatever level gives a 3×3 grid, don't remember off the top of my head how it expands.))
    5. Try to avoid ascending until you have at least x1.5 the number of ascension levels. (So, if you're at level 10, wait until it says +15, etc etc.) Some people say x2 or even x10, but at first, that can take weeks to months of progress if you don't try speedrunning.
    6. The GC you want the most right now is the x777 per click Cookie. This can EASILY get you trillions quickly.

  4. Once you're up there earning heavenly chips sit there for a while, each one is only 1% cps bonus.

  5. Auto clicker be like: i can make 1 trillion cookies in a second

  6. Don't worry it gets worse.

    It always does.

  7. for an easy achievement, sell 1 grandma… also watching DF not understand the garden is chefs kiss amusing XD

  8. For the love of god never prestige after just getting one heavenly chip. You need like 600 before prestiging the first time, let alone on your second run.

    Also, you need to put more sugar lumps into your farms for the minigame. You'll want the greater rewards for participating in it's shenanigans.

    Also also, the deity you keep putting in the diamond slot deactivates when you click a golden cookie. So, you'd be better off putting something else in there.

    Edit: Your antics irritate me

  9. Geometry Arena is a game that DF should play, he will love it. Shame he wont ever see this….. weh.

  10. You need to try the mobile cookie klicker it is so mutch wors

  11. just wanna say, my current prestige is 69
    just wanna say that

  12. Aww, he's a Cookie Clicker baby!

    Soon he'll be making quatrodecillions of cookies

  13. DF, I’m proud of you calculating those percentages and how much flat income it would add. This is real character development out here, homie is improving at math as we watch him

  14. I’m gowing to play this game again and see how long until my mom ruins my run

  15. yo df, you should seriously keep some cookies in the bank, golden cookies are WAYY more important the more cookies you have

  16. It's super useful to keep upgrading cursors as high as you can, DF, because they continue to give you bonuses to your click value.

  17. The best way to get cookies is using the golden cookie temple thing once you have a frenzy and hope for a clicking frenzy

  18. Its easy to hack the game you dont Even have to download any scams

  19. change ur name and type a name and after that type saysopensesame's bakery after that click on the top left corner and u will get developers tools u can say them hacks.

  20. So no one gonna tell him about the achievement called hacked cookies where you call your bakery isaysopensesame

  21. The best spell is the one that summons a golden cookie, you really shouldn't waste your energy on any other (golden cookie effects stack and it leads to the biggest boosts in the game).

  22. I would recommend waiting for 100ish heavenly chips before your next ascension

  23. As a cookie clicker pro, please buy as many grandmas as possible, trust me, they do well in the long run! 🙂

  24. You’re ascending too soon! The first ascend should be done at a *minimum* of 100 prestige points, preferably a few hundred.

  25. Can’t wait till he gets to the grandma part. Anybody who’s gotten to late game knows exactly what I’m talking about

  26. DF if you put saysopensesame in your name you get developer hacks lol

  27. wait untill he finds out about the grandmapocalypse

  28. DF should play Ordinal Markup for some really big numbers

  29. For Dangerously Funny to AVOID the GrandmApocalypse would be entirely off-brand. You need to go all in for the memes & lulz, and even try to make The Elderly Eldritch Horror work FOR you! Also I recommend working toward the Season Changer & related stuff for extra fun; after maxing out the Halloween & maybe Christmas seasons as they come up here soon.

  30. MagicIsGonnaBeALongNameOnTheYouTubePlatformHaHaHah says:

    Cookie clicker was always like this?
    With stocks and planting seeds I don't remember that

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