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I Remade Cookie Clicker on a Budget

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In this video I tried to recreate cookie clicker on a budget using the godot engine!

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Music Used:
Humbot – Wave Saver
Powerwalkin’ – Future Joust
Willow Trees – Guustavv
Smooth Christmas – Basixx

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  1. So umm for the first time ever, You didn't show any code, neither the engine…. not a bad thing but like yk

  2. u spoiled the final game at the beginning of the video

  3. Yo Kron, this is actually epic…
    just subscribed your really underrated

  4. Cool…….

    I can't think of anything else to say….

  5. Bro u really deserve more subs ima tell my friends about you

  6. Nice, I recently remade cookie clicker with HTML, CSS, & JS but this is way better lol

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