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I Played Roblox for 24 Hours … help me

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This is my worst video, I blame Roblox and I blame oskarix, but never blame myself

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  1. Bet you can't surpass me on roblox kaiju universe (2.4 mill g-cells) >:)

  2. PS: some Roblox games require you to spend years(and possible a shit-ton of cash) to become even close to the best. Same with a lot of other games too.

  3. he is too scared to become number 1 on the slam your head on a desk simulator leaderboard

  4. Nah bro he cant beat tds do u understa d @Dragoon

  5. if you wanna truely break your ego play deepwoken

  6. does anyone know the name of this game on roblox?

  7. yeah but you will NEVER beat decaying winter on roblox, that game will require you to use your braincells, which you clearly have completely lost from all of these videos.


  9. you existing is causing me physical pain

  10. I dare you to complete a game named blox fruit

  11. Try out decaying winter, play it and get free PTS-, I mean free fun

  12. dragoon you should get every tower in tower defense simulator on roblox its like btd 6 but roblox

  13. No way I’m in this vid! I’m the second on the leaderboard!

  14. You will never finish Smile in Roblox

  15. you should play YBA. Its like the only actual good game on roblox

  16. Jtoh takes longer than one second to speedrun.

  17. Guys don’t tell him about find the chomiks

  18. The problem with the time frame you gave yourself is that there are games with decent, or even good stories, that take upwards of 10 hours to beat.

  19. dragoon is SCARED of oskarix. he still hasnt tried his insane challenge

  20. Dragoon probably the only YouTuber that would make an entire video about trying to prove a person that commented on his video wrong

  21. if your 11 than you have 2,183,670,400 seconds until you become 80 – 🤓

  22. You played the worst games and act like they’re bad

  23. I do this every week. By that I mean the staying up for 24 hours on roblox. I need help.

  24. Now play arcane odyssey

    or maybe deepwoken 😈

  25. I like how people that never played any good games on roblox before ALWAYS go to these type of games that are all the same p2w cash grabby pet simulators that never simulates anything other than gambling pets

  26. I’ve played it like 100000 hours of roblox btw what does grass feel like?

  27. bro 24 hours is nothing

    I spent 336 hours on plane crazy (last time i checked) and thats JUST plane crazy not any other games (no im not proud of myself)

  28. You can't win every game bc bedwars is hard

  29. well well

    we meet again dragoon
    that was just ONE game do you understand?
    although if you want to prove me you ARE the best then unlock every glove in roblox slap battles

    im waiting…

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