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I Play: Cookie Clicker – Scary Grandmas

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I played this to show off my baking skillz and show you what the “One Mind” upgrade dose.


  1. oh dude you should have bought that i bought it im scared of that game now little bugs will come to your cookie latter and start to eat it but if you kill them you get crap tone of cookies its really scary

  2. dont you have antimatter condersers?

  3. 100,000,000 per second, and I have Elder Pact

  4. are you a another me i am Jewish i started this game the same time as you and my name is Evan Freaky dude Freaky

  5. you mentioned Rosh Hashanah so i thought you were Jewish

  6. Go back to the trades plug like you said you would

  7. Thanks lol! I was afraid it was going to fuck things up and now I know not to click the dark cookie.

  8. It took some of my cookies when I bought it o.o.

  9. Haha, dude, tell me about it. School makes it difficult to do videos.

  10. When I leave the house I put a downloaded AutoClicker on the cookie.

  11. So i just found out: When you buy the upgrade, instead of normal cookies that gives you a bonus like +, it wil take cookies away like -170.000.000 ect.

  12. I've been playing for a day in total and I've got 353,438,826.2 CpS and 14,148,282.4 cookies per click. And my background is full of red grandmas and it's creeping me the hell out.

  13. im trying to GET elder pact! 1,000,000,000,000 more to go! XD

  14. You can use cheats to get NaN or infinite cookies or ps

  15. i clicked the red cookie and it said 'Lucky! 1,000,000,000,000,000 cookies' for real

  16. 4 billion and I'll never stop too >.<
    btw 192 hours

  17. started this morning, already have 55,640,000,000,000 cookies, no cheats ^^


  19. So pretty much the only scary thing is the grandma background ? .-.

  20. in 2 days i got a 40 trillion all time made, and 14 trillion in the bank

  21. anti-matter condensers are newer than this video.

  22. if yous sell one grandma it gets WORSE!
    and interesting

  23. think of how long it took me to get to 700 billion cookies per sec.

  24. When I first buyed the One MInd, nothing happened. i decided to buy another one and then the grandma's face (in the menu) started to look demonic. It scvared me for a second. 

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