I Never Played Cookie Clicker. I Regret Playing Cookie Clicker. - playegndary.com

I Never Played Cookie Clicker. I Regret Playing Cookie Clicker.

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I’ve lost control of my life
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  1. That achievement bar honestly made me want to die

  2. im loosin brain cells watching him not see the golden cookies

  3. I opened up my old cookie clicker and had 250 sugar lumps. Don't know how I did that

  4. Danial, I know someone who apparently has a 7 year run for this game.

  5. I don't turn my computer off or close my tab because prestige doesn't grow on trees

  6. I remember a long time ago, i found a way to open the console and could give myself infinite cookies

  7. Fun Fact: C418, the guy who produced most of the soundtrack for Minecraft, made the track you hear at the start of the video

  8. I wish we could've seen his reaction to the end-game content.

  9. You can press on legacy up in the corner later, It will get you to cookie haven where you can invest your cookies

  10. missing the golden cookie as the voice line played was amazing!

  11. my school bans cookie clicker and i see this the same day. why

  12. RT once again proving his entertaining powers by playing a game that in itself should make a boring stream and making it so fun, chaotic and memorable somehow.

  13. Annd I have become addicted to Cookie Clicker because of this video. Currently getting some more fractal engines, hoping to unlock the next building soon. RT what have you done!!

  14. Absolutely enamored with Aki yelling from the bg in concern

  15. Wow the swiftness of obtaining that first gold cookie

  16. Lmfao this video is gold…

    Gold cookie!

  17. plot twist: he prerecorded himself laughing and slept for hours while you all thought it was a joke

  18. I started a trend at my school that got EVERYONE in trouble because of this game

  19. Solely because of this video I now have a crippling cookie clicker addiction, thanks RT!

  20. the best part is, even by the end of this video, he's still only at the early game

  21. "The Grandmas aren't going to die over time are they?"
    the innocence

  22. can we get a 10 minute video just with the pre recorded lines

    i need it

  23. As someone who’s planning to buy this game tomorrow can anyone tell me what to expect.
    update: just started the browser version and my brain is going bananas.

  24. Watching this half-asleep with the delayed sound effect really messed with my mind.. like french-kissing your sleep paralysis demon.

  25. I discovered this channel because The Spiffing Brit recommended it,
    and it's quickly become one of my favorite. Thanks for the great content!

  26. y'all could've just said "you get an achievement for closing all achievements"

  27. Fun fact this stream got me addicted to the Cookie clicker

  28. RT posts a video
    Me: OoOoh, I NEEDED that!

  29. "cooking on a clooki"
    Daniel get it together or else your going to go insane XDDD

  30. I like how he mentions a 'Grandma Secret Strat'. Which is an actual (sort of) thing you can do.

  31. "It now costs a hundred grand for a grandma"

  32. This has 666k views as of now and that's perfect

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