I made a Cookie Clicker stock tracker spreadsheet and then I recorded this 37 minute video about it. - playegndary.com

I made a Cookie Clicker stock tracker spreadsheet and then I recorded this 37 minute video about it.

Jacob Mills
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To see and duplicate the sheet for your own nefarious purposes:

If you don’t wanna watch this whole thing I understand completely so here’s some useful timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:15 – What is Cookie Clicker?
01:29 – What is the cookie stock market?
02:41 – What’s the problem?
06:20 – Spreadsheet intro
07:43 – The Data sheet
08:55 – The Stats sheet intro
09:32 – The Stats sheet nitty gritty
14:16 – The Settings sheet
16:51 – The Charts sheet
23:55 – The Data Processing sheet nitty gritty
25:59 – The Stats sheet epilogue (how to view Settings from that page)
26:28 – The Input sheet nitty gritty
36:32 – Thanks

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  1. Amazing stuff. If you’d like to learn more about statistics you should take Khan Academy’s AP/College Statistics course. Goes into all of these things you mentioned in the video plus a lot more.

  2. I would absolutely love if you expanded your spread sheet to easily calculate the cookies/cosst of each building. Eg. Next cursor costs 29.887 trillion, and each cursor produces 12.526 million -> ~2386 pr cookie. It would make it really easier to see what to buy, to get the most out of it. I don't know if the data is available from the save, but it could be so neat! Does that make sense? :PEither way, I absolutely love what you've made! Thank you!

  3. thank you for this very valuable cookie upgrade, your spreadsheet is wonderful and you must be a excel master 😀

  4. Your YouTube voice is extremely vaatividya

  5. ever thought about making an add on?

  6. I’m an engineer, I love good spreadsheets. Thank you for this service you’ve provided haha. Going to make the new achievements nice and easy.

  7. you should make more cookie clicker content

  8. Thanks man, this'll help me greatly.
    I really dislike stocks myself, so knowing what to do helps lots.
    This also might sound mean, and you already know way more about this than me, but i kinda like that you admit you don't know too much about this either, it helps me understand you.
    Y'know? If an expert tries to explain things, i usually have to wrap my head around all kinds of new things and it'll go past my head just as fast as it came.
    I've done a bit of programming myself, so this was as close to perfect as it could get.

    Anyway, i do have a question.
    You say to not remove any of the data in data processing, cause it'll mess up the charts.
    But if i make use of the spreadsheet, wouldn't i want all data based on the save i put in?
    Cause i wouldn't mind having to start from scratch, it's a long idle game.

  9. Thank you for your service and the in-depth explanation. Hated to watch and break the 420 view count. I/m going to put this to good use.

  10. Absolutely awesome! The only thing I can't really get working is that in the Data tab, the C column doesn't automatically update, so now I have to manually change the cells every time I want the total data for my graphs. Do you have any idea how I could fix that?

    Thanks for the sheet, again, it's great!

  11. This is impressive work!

    The average high over threshold is the average of all values that are in the top 30%, and the average high is the average of all values that are above the overall mean. Unless the mean is really skewed by outliers, the top 30% will always be a subset of the values above the mean, so the average high over threshold will always be above the average high and won't be used under your current settings.

  12. it just takes me to the FAQ when i press "make copy"

  13. your voicecracks are horrible. reat work tho I dont unsterstand how to get the script in the first place. when I copy it, Ill just get the explenation

  14. this is neat – though I feel with your skills you might as well have made it into a script mod. Just curious, do you have some project you're working on now, as part of your job or hobby? I can imagine you writing code for a game or mod now – 2 years after this video

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