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I clicked a cookie for 24 hours AND THIS HAPPENED

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  1. i am at 929.547 tredecillion cookies :troll:

  2. he got uncanny clicker the normal way I got it the hard way.

  3. Bro your thumbnail is better than the else now

  4. I have an auto clicker😂

  5. when you change crispy saysopensesame bakery name you get mod!

  6. Dude the thumbnails HAVE REACHED THE NEXT GEN

  7. His thumbnail before:😀
    His thumbnail now:💀

  8. I got infinite in 1 minute and 32 seconds

  9. 0:43 look how he gets better by the second that’s how u know he’s the god

  10. hey Bax put this name as your name Zach Saysopensesame

  11. Change your name to you soon thanks after your name you can get admin and there’s a bunch of ruin the fun and you just if you wanna know Kylian cookie max out everything basically grandmas to get maxed out anything else not you can buy

  12. bro i have the same auto clicker

  13. Make a part 2 that was not infinite cookies you send you're gonna have infinite cookies I won't subscribe and like to any video you made so far

  14. Dang bro reached 2m congrats🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  15. 9:03 Bax: "we have Spent every single dime" me: bro you have More than 6 billion cookie

  16. You’ve been playing for 24 hours straight. I’ve been playing for 6 days straight🗿

  17. Sorry i did way better than you i was doing the true neverclick

  18. Change your bakery name to saysopensesame or crispy sayopensesame for devs tool

  19. Baxtrix Did Not Know That There Was a Free version of it
    So buying That was Kinda a Waste of Money

  20. Back type this name exactly like I did baxsaysopensesame

  21. you mean 24,847 cookies per click right?

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