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I Baked 9,999,999 Cookies and Solved World Hunger

Vitamin Delicious
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Today I will be forcing hundreds of grandmas to bake cookies for me until their hands fall off. No that isn’t cruel at all. This is Cookie Clicker and I’m sure you’ve seen this one before. They currently have a Christmas event going so I will bake special cookies and get upgrades so I can solve world hunger.


  1. Fun fact:
    If you would’ve change your name to Delicious (put a space) saysopensesame (as one word) you would unlock the dev tools. Some contain your cookies by 1k.

  2. Did you know that if you put saysopensesame at the end of your name in cookie clicker you get dev tools?

  3. there is a hack where if you put your name as (your name) saysopensesame it gives you have insane hacks

  4. You’re the best YouTuber I ever scene

  5. Bro is a continent cookie a Grandma's house

  6. Did you know you can cheat cheat in this game?

  7. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA elmos world

  8. “Let’s buy some more grandmas, we love those”

  9. I solve universe hunger. Got quarttourdectilion cookies.

  10. When you hit 5M subscribers, can you do a face reveal?

  11. Vitamin delicious name your bakery crispy saysopensesama

  12. bro first of all just use speed auto clicker its better much better.and second of all typ some kinda name and next to it typ saysopensesame and youre op ik it just ruins the fun but its for fun!!!!!!!!

  13. Nice! I have around 10 quadrillion cookies right now, making 100 billion per second, and saving up for the "one mind" upgrade, which is 16 quadrillion.

  14. Fun fact:if you put puppysaysopensesame it gives you hacks

  15. Your a noob just hack and name your baker Simonsaysopensesame

  16. KIDS Don’t spend 24 hours playing cookie clicker just hack with Simonsaysopensesame

  17. use this so you can hack it crusty saysopensesame

  18. am i the only one that got uncanny clicker legitimately?

  19. Name ur factory fishsaysopensesame and click the ping

  20. Well i been afk for a week and I got pat 1.1T cookies hope you can beat that

  21. I wish more people played this…

    …and finished a series, at least ascending, most gameplay just gets to 1 million or 1 billion… BUT YOURE STILL IN THE EARLY GAME!

  22. I got higher without auto clickers just finger

  23. Vitamin dont tell any of ur friends but if you name your bakery medievalsaysopensesame your gonna go crazy

  24. Solving world hunger is actually getting 10 quadrillion cookies

  25. In that game I have over 4 billion cookies! Soon your just gonna be addicted 😂lol

  26. i got 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cookies

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