How to Win at Cookie Clicker -

How to Win at Cookie Clicker

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Travis shows Josh, Kian, & the world how to win at Cookie Clicker.
Got a Razer Mouse? Download Synapse 2.0 here:

Play Cookie Clicker here:


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  1. Can I get banned if I use macros on cs: go to shoot real fast?

  2. Just drink Project Venom then you can jitterclick for a years

  3. What the Cookies?

    This is much better than toast.

  4. I have the power of Inspect element

    I have defeated your power

  5. i got ip banned from cookie clicker for doing this 😳

  6. Assign the scroll wheel to left click and scroll.

  7. Or Just:
    – go to cookie clicker
    -right click and click inspect
    -click console in inspect
    -then type: Game.RuinTheFun () and click enter
    and there you have it!
    your unstoppable

  8. Press F11 To get in the games code….from there on you can give yourself as much cookies as you want

  9. Love the Matrix reference, but you could've used RATM's (Rage Against the Machine) Wake Up. The other music just doesn't compare.

  10. Admit it, you clicked on the golden cookie -_-

  11. If you want to hack cookie clicker just…

    Ctrl shift j

    Then EXACTLY what I do (copy paste)

    Game.Earn (9999999999999999999999)

  12. Razer now endorses autoclicking and macros i see

  13. The ten dollar mouse I bought at big lots has a button that continuously clicks for me when it's held down.

  14. THIS IS EPIC, I AM GOING TO BUY A MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. When your mouse trys to speak to you for how many times you smashed me when losing a game 0:56.

  16. Uum I think I took your cookies because I make 96 quadrillion cookies per second

  17. Yes now i know where those comments come from.

  18. Awesome now I can officially cheat in games

  19. Honestly if you just click the cookie 10^63 times, everything after that will be smooth sailing.

  20. I like that razer has an incredible sense of humor

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