How to use CookieMonsterMode(Addon) on steam [Cookie Clicker] -

How to use CookieMonsterMode(Addon) on steam [Cookie Clicker]

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Download link for files:

File info if you do not want to download:
“Name”: “Cookie Monster”,
“ID”: “cookie monster”,
“Author”: “Jan Odvarko – East Desire”,
“Description”: “Cookie Monster is an addon you can load into Cookie Clicker, that offers a wide range of tools and statistics to enhance the game.”,
“ModVersion”: 2.031,
“GameVersion”: 2.031,
“Date”: “25/07/2021”,
“Dependencies”: [],
“Disabled”: 0,
“AllowSteamAchievs”: 1

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Know issues:
Game does not launch:
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  1. Download the info and main.js files here: in description isn't full link so here is the proper versionMain.js:Game.LoadMod("😉;If your game does not launch replace the main.js with this text: setTimeout(function(){
    Game.Notify(`Cookie Monster loaded!`,'',[16,5]);
    }, 2000);

  2. Sorry about the poor video frame rate and my voice. Been a bit sick at the moment. Hope this helps everyone!

  3. Just a small thing I had trouble with, whenever i copied the main.js, the link was a shortcut, so the mod didn't work. Had to manually find the add-on on the web. Not a big effort but you might wanna consider posting the full main.js link

  4. I followed to the T and it still wont work. any ideas? the main.js is the same link, and its saved correctly, cant figure it out

  5. hi I don't see the pinned comment what does it say?

  6. it just doesnt show up in game for me as mods whatever i do

  7. Just a small problem but after i loaded up the mod on the game i pressed 'Enable' and then 'Reset with changes' and restarted the game, the mod didn't load up and nothing happened, the game was normal for some reason

  8. I did everything but the mod doesn't appear in selection, any idea ?

  9. It says its for version 2.031.10 and may cause errors when using it. I used the one from steam, just like you did in your video

  10. this shut down my javascript and now i cant even open the game🤬🤬🤬

  11. what happen if the count of next cookie reach to 0?

  12. can u do the same video but about version 2.042 couse on steam is only 2.031

  13. Can someone explain what exactly the mode do

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