How to TRULY Hack Cookie Clicker Very Easily and fast (9/27/13) -

How to TRULY Hack Cookie Clicker Very Easily and fast (9/27/13)

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This is the fastest way to beat Cookie Clicker through hacks. Very easy to do, if anyone has questions feel free to inbox me or leave a comment and I can reply.

To hack cookie clicker you will need Cheat Engine and a basic knowledge of how it works. In this video I go through with you step by step on how to get trillions of cookies per second.

I teach you how to utilize the functions of scanning via Cookie Clicker.

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  1. Why would i want to use a program like cheat engine for cookie clicker when its easier to just go into the Developers console by hitting F12 and typing a code in? Game.cookies=999999999 and your done.. easier than spending 5 minutes doing ur crap.. or if u dont want the cheated achievement just enable a Clicking frenzy in the code.. every possible cheat code is on the cookie clicker.. Kid you went through all this trouble only to fail in the end..

  2. but it really isnt hacking, its just changing the game, going into the scripts, stuff like that.


  4. Omg thanks alot XDDD I've wanted to do this for so long hahahahahaha

  5. weet je ook hoe je het moet doen met windows 8??
     daar kan je het namelijk als app uit de store halen??

  6. ur so stupid u can just do F12 then go to consol the type Game.cookies=9999999999999     or do Game.RuinTheFun()

  7. @StuppsCu idiot u dont need cheat engine just rightclick anywhere and click inspect element then go to console and type Game.cookies=999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 or Game.RuinTheFun (); and you have it

  8. in the cheat engine one, just put 99+e99 and you get infinity

  9. now, i´m feeling so bad, why WHY I WATCHED YOUR VIDEO?

  10. just decrypt you savegame and type the values you want
    then crypt it again and load it you dont even need a extra program for that

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