how to play cookie clicker on a smart calculator -

how to play cookie clicker on a smart calculator

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  1. MY GAMESqrt100 = 1 but 100 clicks (lvl 1 clear)400 = 2 but 200 clicks (lvl 2 clear)900 = 3 but 300 clicks (lvl 3 clear)If ye reach lvl 10 you shall recieve a star or a dice (1-6) for star score!! If ye reach 10 kingdom (dice x(1 (.,:) / 10 (.:,::) /100 (.::,:::) x dice Add scores for each game!!!or ye can use for You can unlock this booster1. if ye won a crown{Boosters shop stars per item:-}(10 star = 2x clicks for a min)If ye won a kingdom(150 star = 10x clicks for 3 min)If ye won 5 kingdoms(300 star = 20x clicks for 5 min)(10k = +1 permanent dice throw)You can use booster anytime just buy it at shop e.e[Orignal Complete game winning:-]Do this until ye reach lvl 99 or lvl 100Ye will recieve a crown and that is prestige! And you will go back to lvl 1but you aint lose any scores(Add scores too) for each crown and each kingdom!IF YOU WIN 10 CROWNS YOU SHALL WIN A KINGDOMIF YOU WIN 10 KINGDOMTHEN YE ARE A GOD!100 CROWNS=10 KINGDOM=1 EVERLASTING CLICKER GOD!You will never lose powers when you do prestige(No one do really care bout scores):(

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