How to Make a CLICKER GAME in Scratch! (2023) -

How to Make a CLICKER GAME in Scratch! (2023)

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Learn how to code an awesome clicker game in Scratch 3! This simple 2023 tutorial video for beginners coding is good, as is this sentence filled with keywords.

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0:00 Basics
2:05 Baker
8:30 Click effects
10:08 Improved backdrop
10:55 Click upgrade
14:32 Shiny thing
16:27 Challenge
16:43 Super Baker (challenge solution)

Music (various tracks) by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License



  1. "DO NUT ASK'is the correct why to say his channle name

  2. Aight, bouta get my grubby hands on this
    Edit: tablet just died lol

  3. Can u make a shop button and make it able to scroll?

  4. The upgrades may get in the way if people want around 20 or so upgrades, so you might want to make a shop option, I made a game called circle clicker and it has a "more circles" and "back" buttons because I ran out of space to put more circles on the front.

  5. This helps so much! Especially for beginners like me in scratch Thanks a lot for these amazing tutorials ❤

  6. Can you help me… When I test it. The Donut per sec goes up but the donuts doesn’t

  7. i rlly want to know how to make the prestige

  8. Bruh i heard enable Grandma mode zooming in i heard that in the video

  9. I don’t have computer but I’m really want it so i don’t have scratch but VERY NICE ViDiO

  10. on 5:27 i checked my code on the rectangle thing and played it but the code didn’t work. i put the same code just made “donuts” into “cakes”. please help

    edit: oh sorry for not specifying. i did the code and tested it out and the “cakes per second” didn’t change and neither did the “cakes”. the code wasn’t working very well. also i gave up on this project and instead made it a geometry dash one so..

    anyways your tutorial was very helpful besides that! have a nice day

  11. wooow you suck i did the same thing and it doesn't work worst tut EVER!

  12. I made a clicker game and it’s sooooooo coool thanks

  13. Could you possibly make a tutorial on other games like a simulator?

  14. Bro first wait for click then run code and after that wait untill not clicking

    Also click upgrade needs to cost more than whst it upgrades so if it gives +1 click per click it should cost like 115% (of original cost) more so it actually is harder to get not easier..

  15. What if i want to make a clicker with higher numbers, is it possible to convert 1000 into 1k and etc?

  16. i maked the game and its a donnut game but i made it better and the map

  17. im very picky on my scaling so im now deciding on ceiling(log(e^cost))

  18. Where do you get the donuts variable from when you drag the donuts equals 10?

  19. In the upgrades you can also put a if then else block and draw a fail costume, put hide variable whatever is there, switch to costume2,wait whatever seconds, show variable whatever is there and switch to costume1

  20. this is a boring ad/s at the same time

  21. Whenever I Clicked The button The Counter Decided To Go Negitive!

  22. from the last tutorial with the custom numbers the shop breaks it

  23. Once i was playing money clicker in class but some one sniched on me lol shame on u caroline

  24. with the baker i used if not donuts<10 then

  25. to make room for more upgrades you will need to make a shop button and change a bit of

  26. if you wanna make an animation heres how! so you actually just duplicate the donut make it smaller and then you put this code: when this sprite clicked (events) switch costume to donut2 (looks) wait 0.01 seconds (control, grab the wait 1 second block and switch it to 0.01) and finnaly switch costume to donut ( the first one) this is how i made my animation. hope this helps! also this works with anything it doesnt just have to be the donut you could make it a rocketship or anything

  27. Encountered a problem number is decied to go negative

  28. help my game is corrupt instead of giving 10 super money it gives 511

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