How To Hack In Cookie Clicker! Infinite Money! Working 2022! -

How To Hack In Cookie Clicker! Infinite Money! Working 2022!

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  1. Guys, so many views and no subscribers from this video? Cmon! Why not sub?

  2. Another way is by going into the game and in the corner of the cookie click gui there’s a cookie and when you hover above it you open a dev console which can do the same job easier

  3. wow thank you it works on me on pc windows 11 pro thank you hahaha

  4. Change your bakery name to crispy saysopensesame

  5. bro thanks i got infinty cookies by this 🙏👍👊

  6. for some reason when i put in the stuff i want it says undefined can you help me

  7. ayo its works and i have put 99999999999999999999999999999999999999 many times to put INFINITE COOKIE!!

  8. and i tried to reload and it stays infinity cookieeee!!! thanks bro it works

  9. says…. VM781:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: Game is not defined
    at <anonymous>:1:1

  10. can i get in trouble for doing this im scared if i get in trouble

  11. or type "saysopensesame" without quotes at the end of your name

  12. lol

  13. man im clicking the right button but dont appear bruh

  14. If you put (saysopensesame) no spaces in you bakery name you get dev tools on the top left

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