How to hack games with inspect element - cookie clicker -

How to hack games with inspect element – cookie clicker

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  1. how can i see inside of chests in web games with inspect?

  2. thanks for watching and if u have any questions comment below!

  3. i'm trying to hack game named howrse but nothing works

  4. How do you find the code ("cookies") for other games?

  5. hi there I have question. hope you will reply.
    My questions is that can we find out the hidden values in a game by using inspect element.
    I have been playing a game called ninja saga and there is a lucky draw box.
    There are 10 boxes actually and each of those boxes have certain rewards like gold , silver , gems , and other game stuffs.
    If i use 1 ticket to draw the boxes changes their positions and remain hidden. so if you click on of the boxes you will win some reward listed before drawing a ticket randomly , it's just luck.
    But I am sure that if i could inspect element and find out the boxes in which I could find the actual reward.
    For example there are 10 boxes as I said earlier so if i only need gold and if i could inspect element and find out the correct box then i could win gold from the lucky draw.

    Are things like this possible with inspect element.

  6. So i cant find variable in other game, yet i can change display text. I know its in jscript, which i didnt learn yet.

  7. I'm late for school • 69 years ago says:

    Thanks, I have 1 googol cookies. ;P

  8. how do you get to the inspect place, like what do you type

  9. How do I do this on idle dice? Please tell me

  10. thsnks but the game said cheated cookies taste gross lol

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