How To Hack Cookie Clicker On Mobile In 2020 (Still working in 2022) -

How To Hack Cookie Clicker On Mobile In 2020 (Still working in 2022)

Virge Redux
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How To Hack Cookie Clicker On Mobile In 2020(0 to 5 Trillion In Minutes!) Still Working in 2022


  1. Thanks for 5k views 👀😳Correction: THANKS FOR 10k VIEWS!!! 🔥👀March 10th, 2022: WHY IS THIS MY MOST VIEWED VIDEO WITH 31K? THIS WAS SO EFFORTLESS AND THE ONES I DO PUT EFFORT IN GETS NO VIEWS 😭August 21st, 2022: 40k views! I wonder how long it will take to get to 100k 🤔 Thanks!

  2. The only reason Ik this game is cause of lazarbeam also I'm from Ssundees vid

  3. How do you get this game because i get a different version of it

  4. Nice tutorial. Lets be friends more power to your channel

  5. I accidentally have wiped my save and i will take my save back with all means necessary

  6. I'm gonna try this. If it works, I'll subscribe


  7. This is not a hack… this is basic knowledge….

  8. I honestly cannot believe this worked. I went from 5,000 prestige to 90k 😳

  9. Ima try this and if it works u just got a new sub

  10. Finally I manage to stop playing cookie clicker, after like 3000 years I felt Im done with this

  11. Anonymous Metroid Fan On The Internet says:

    How do you do it?

  12. Oi mate but when i put back the normal date the money will reset or sum ?

  13. What happens when I come back to my real date?


  15. Bit too op. Was more looking for a auto clicker on the app


  17. damn bro, I didn't expect this trick to work in this game

  18. Interesting fact: if you research as your time advances and you return the time to the original state, the research time will increase

  19. How do you do this? I must be blind because it doesn’t show how to do it for me. Edit, Nevermind

  20. Ok Thank You And All But How Do I Change It Back Pls Help I Ruined My Original Cookie Run Pls Pls Plss

  21. Ummm what? How do I do it do I just get the year to what you set it on? Well if it works I'll subscribe

  22. Omg it work I went 0 cookies to 100Q+ tysm!1! 1!1!1

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