How To Hack Cookie Clicker [New] - Hacked Cookies Taste Terrible [Chrome] Cookie Clicker Cheat -

How To Hack Cookie Clicker [New] – Hacked Cookies Taste Terrible [Chrome] Cookie Clicker Cheat

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In this video we show you how to hack Cookie Clicker in a new and fun way. I hope you enjoy this cookie clicker cheat.

Tamper Monkey for Chrome:

User Script for Greasemonkey and TamperMonkey:

Cookie Clicker Website:

A note from the Script Author
Hey guys, I am the script author. Please e-mail me at [email protected] to report problems. Please include your OS, script handler (GreaseMonkey or Tampermonkey) and the script version number 🙂
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  1. you probably forgot to delte the defalut- placed code in the begining of the script 😀

  2. Just while ur playing press F12 then go to console and write Game.cookies= how ever much u want

  3. Please message back- the ber wont pop up

  4. how do you get the pics of stuff you have up

  5. Still not working for me. I found an error message in the console, but since youtube is stupid and it won't allow links, I can't show you a picture.

  6. Its not working for me? I did everything right

  7. Hey guys, I am the script author. Please e-mail me at [email protected] to report problems. Please include your OS, script handler (GreaseMonkey or Tampermonkey) and the script version number 🙂

  8. im putting this in the description because i can't keep up with support requests.

  9. works fine on my end, is it possible that the problem exists between the keyboard and chair?

  10. i would but A: its too hard for some people and B: many people would get in over their heads and ask me the same 15 qyestions every day. I just don't have the kind of support structure for that kind of thing. i try to stick to easier stuff to keep my workload light.

  11. how do i undo the cheat, like make it so when i click cookieclicker it doesnt show up on the top anymore

  12. Why don't I seem to get as much as you even though the bar and everything is there?

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  14. I can't get it to work with the Game.Unlock("Gold hoard");

  15. i got 200,000,000 cookies legit, i dont hack

  16. I can hack "Infinity" According to the cookie count, in less than 30 secconds.
    Amazing how hard it is to wait for the apocalypse after that.

  17. The userscripts link is dead, I can't access, Can you help me ?

    But nice tips 😉

  18. I am not able to open the script what so ever…….It goes to a white screen and attempts to load but never leaves white screen…..Any ideas on what could be wrong????

  19. The link for the Scrpit is dead, please add a new 1 :3

  20. I can't open the page to get the userscript 🙁 I'm going to have grandmapocalypse

  21. I'm not able to get to the website for the script and I have Tampermonkey.

  22. the link is dead, olny says reload, then nothing happens

  23. can u copy and paste it here? i can't open it 😛

  24. think i broke it xD i got inf cookies ;D


  26. anybody read magyk series? SPIT FYRE IS A DRAGON.

  27. i have the script but only some of the features are there. only 'autoclick big cookie' 'spawn a gc' autospawn gcs' 'autobuy upgrades' 'slaughterwrinklers' and 'capture the deer' come up for me. besides, the autospawn gc and spawn a gc doesnt even work! plz tell me why!

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