How to get Unlimited Heavenly chips for Cookie Clicker!!! -

How to get Unlimited Heavenly chips for Cookie Clicker!!!

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This is a way to get unlimited Heavenly Chips or the amount you want, all you need to do is to inspect element, go to console and type: Game.heavenlyChips=(any number you want) and press enter. And now you have as much Heavenly Chips as you want!

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  1. thats breaking the game, messing with the code

  2. It keeps saying VM5703:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: Game is not defined(…) Everytime i type it in.. Help?

  3. It worked for me 😀 thanks
    i have looked on so many youtube videos but they were all kids screaming in the mic .

  4. con you do this with cookies also using the console

  5. It wont upgrade for me i put it right but It wont let me buy it

  6. First cookies then sugur lumps and now im getting heavenly chips

  7. Muchas graciaaas, me estresaba mucho lo que tenias que conseguir para todo eso y gracias a ti ya tengo todo 😀

  8. Game.heavenlyChips=5890374270589342620907923548754938

  9. You mean you can pretty much get them as soon as you start the game?

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