How To Get UNLIMITED Cookies In Cookie Clicker Easy And Fast -

How To Get UNLIMITED Cookies In Cookie Clicker Easy And Fast

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n this video i will show you how to get unlimited cookies in cookie clicker very fast and easy!

This video is kid friendly : )




  1. thank you so much so much I love you so much thank you so much this is the best thing ever in my lifefor a game like this

  2. I like this but…. it kinda stops all the fun in the game. Still good vid though

  3. it kinds of ruins the fun changing the games code and defeats the whole purpose

  4. i just like to support fellow small channels

  5. i have 1.000 tresexagintillion cookies thank u so much im subbing

  6. best way:put at the end of your name bakery saysopensesame it will give dev stuff

  7. I played this game for 5 minutes and got all these cookies form this video, felt powerful, was satisfied, then logged off to never play it again

  8. You could also just have your bakery name set you "simonsaysopensesame" and you will be given essentially admin commands, giving you the ability to spawn all types of golden cookies and multiply your cookies by x100 or x1000.

  9. So its central shift j then type Game.Earn [amount]

  10. except this is cheats, i'm trying to find a way to do it without that kind of stuff.

  11. BRO THANK YOU, i got to like 2b cookies and lost it all cause my teachers deleted it and was so sad, thanks so much bro

  12. It’s so easy. Litterally just put “saysopensesame” after your name, and you get dev controls

  13. it works now i have 1000 novemquadragintillion hich means infinite

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