How to get the True Neverclick Achievement in COOKIE CLICKER! -

How to get the True Neverclick Achievement in COOKIE CLICKER!

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In this video I show you How to get the True Neverclick Achievement in COOKIE CLICKER!

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  1. I got 1 mil cookies without clicking the cookie but I didn't get the achievement, is it because I did it after an ascension?

  2. I tried do true neverclicking, for some reason it dint worked, shoulnt i buy upgrades?

  3. Imagine if there was an achievement and it was the only true neverclick and you don’t click at all not even for golden cookies or clicking for upgrades and no touchscreen

  4. It’s glitches so I can’t get it unless if I hack it in

  5. dude it won't work for me I got 1m cookies without clicking the cookie but I ascended before does it still count?

  6. can you do it when you already have like 23,88 trillion

  7. This achievement no longer exists on mobile edition, I've got over one billion cookies without tapping and I don't have the achievement

  8. make sure for the Orteil one you change the name back because it will give you a -1% cookie loss until u change it

  9. I got to 1 million cookies without any cookie clicks but I still did not get the achievements…

  10. Can I get this achievement without reseting the game?

  11. You have to do it on your first ever run or in challenge mode. Even if you reset you won't get it.

  12. Can you ascend and try to get these achievements?

  13. i have done this many times and havent gotten the achievement

  14. Fun fact: True neverclick is not more difficult than neverclickAlso,if you play on christmas season,you can get a reindeer to give 25 cookies

  15. What the boozes are good though you could get a 777X

  16. What do I do if I already have clicked? do I have to ascend or something?

  17. What if I ascend and then do this? Or do I need to restart cookie clicker?

  18. I wasted so much time just to find out it needs to be on challenge mode since I prestiged already 😐

  19. how can you do this if you already ascended over 10+ times

  20. I recommend ascending and then purchasing the save upgrade thingy, then putting kittens in those slots and it will give you an easy boost to start with

  21. once i get to 1 trillion cookies and ascend i’ll do it

  22. I have got to 70 billion without clicking but no achievement pop. Any awareness of bugs?

  23. thanks for the hours wasted I’m very proud of myself

  24. Can you do it with a fresh prestige or do you need to start over with a fresh game start?

  25. Is there no way to get it if I already have clicked the cookie?

  26. Hi, i got the true neverclick, thx for the vid

  27. Every time there is a golden cookie, it gives me the boosts instead of cookies 🍪😭

  28. How to get True Neverclick and Neverclick in a already started run: Its recommended to ascend for the first time at 440 PP, but if you have already ascended 1 or more times you can find guides on the internet on what to do next, after you ascend buy all the heavenly upgrades you think are better and before returning to the mortal world activate the challenge "Born Again" that will make the game act like its the first time you play, this will let you get the 2 achievements without reseting your game.

  29. so what do i do if i dont get the achi and never click the big cookie 🙁

  30. Thanks im going to get this achievment now for no reason

  31. So you have to do on new save? Cuz I doesn't work after ascending


  33. If you already asecended, do you have to be in challenge mode to get the achievement?

  34. Sooooo, to get 100% I must reset my whole game as I already have ascended twice
    Heck, whatever

  35. I've gotten this achievement, but I did it during December, when you have the reindeer running across the screen. That makes it a little easier. I should try it again without the boost!

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