How to get the True Neverclick Achievement in Cookie Clicker -

How to get the True Neverclick Achievement in Cookie Clicker

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Welcome to an extraordinary Cookie Clicker challenge like no other! In this mind-boggling adventure, we’re embarking on a quest to conquer the addictive game of Cookie Clicker without ever laying a finger on that tantalizing cookie! Join us as we push the boundaries of what’s possible and put our strategic genius to the test.

🍪 Can You Beat Cookie Clicker without Clicking the Cookie? 🏆 Find out now!

Prepare to witness an unparalleled display of cunning and wit as we devise a master plan to automate our cookie empire. Through innovative strategies, ingenious upgrades, and creative thinking, we aim to revolutionize the way this game is conquered. It’s a challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating each groundbreaking move!

With each passing minute, we’ll unlock hidden secrets, discover hidden upgrades, and manipulate the game mechanics to our advantage. Witness our breathtaking ascent as we transform from mere players to legendary cookie connoisseurs. You won’t believe the surprises that await us!

But that’s not all – our journey is just as much about fun and entertainment as it is about conquering the seemingly insurmountable. Brace yourself for moments of laughter, anticipation, and jaw-dropping reactions as we embark on this rollercoaster adventure together.

So, are you ready to challenge the very fabric of Cookie Clicker’s gameplay? Can you resist the urge to click that elusive cookie and still reign supreme? Join us now, hit that play button, and let the battle begin!

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  1. i can't get it. i don't know why. is it because i have the 10 clicker and 5 grandma upgrades from ascending?

  2. If you already clicked in the start if you ascend can you get it

  3. does it work on starter kit? it givs 10 cursors on start

  4. got a frenzy first just gonna hack 1 million

  5. do this! Say isays(example) then u dont even have to click! There will be something in the top left corner

  6. Why the fork and the potato 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😅😅😅🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😭😥😮‍💨😵‍💫😵😫😩😫😣😩😕😶

  7. You got neverclick and true neverclick

  8. The true cookie cooking experience: Sitting around for an hour doing nothing while the cookies bake

  9. My second video on this channel. I'm still not used to the "short and to the point", but again, I love it. Just wondering how he makes money though (I mean most likely a job but still, this editing doesn't look like it takes 10 minutes)

  10. how only 97 views bro can i have a shoutout when you get famous bro

  11. easier solution: open commands
    give infinite cookies
    buy everything to get 1m in a second
    solution number two: open commands
    set cookie earned to 1m+

  12. Straight to the point. Great editing. Can't wait for more content.

  13. BUT RASCAL you said you wouldn't click on any cookies:(

  14. Better idea auto clicking the cookies and I mean real autoclicker

  15. is that the same mic as last video or a new one

  16. I have an easier strat in mind
    1. Wait for christmas (or change the date on your computer if you want)
    2. Open the game
    3. Wait for reindeers to spawn
    4. Profit

  17. Is it possible to get the achievements without having to wipe all progress?

  18. Go further, I want to see no clicks golden cookie combos, and all achivements except handmade cookies and uncanny clicker

  19. mans just got 2 lucky cookies in a row and took it for granted

  20. You aren't anywhere remotly close to beating cookie clicker

  21. I love the jetpack joyride waiting room music and congrats on the achievement

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