How to get infinite cookies in cookie clicker ♾ -

How to get infinite cookies in cookie clicker ♾

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  1. Press F12 do Game.harvestLumps (Infinity)

  2. Or just type in saysopensesame after your username

  3. No please dont do this it’s a idle game don’t hack please😭

  4. If you name ur bakery crusty saysopensesames you will get dev tools DONT belive me? Try it your self

  5. But Thats Bank Name Is Better Name = Wesselsaysopensesame

  6. Even when i press wipe save i cant get back to 0

  7. Another way: Make your bakery name (something) saysopensesame.
    This will give you dev tools. Spam x1k until you get inf

  8. the name doesnt work i typed in cookie clicker picked the first lnik the name dont work and i cant do inspect

  9. Jsaysopensesame and then get 1000 cookies then spam multiply them by 1k until u get inf

  10. thats not infinity you can still run out, its easy JUST PLAY THE GAME NORMALy

  11. i said it did not work on another video but i spelled it wrong i spelled it seseme not sesame

  12. Rename your bakery into "Jsaysopensesame" and click on the tab that was never there and there you go, dev console

  13. Bro JSUT change your name to medevil saysopensename then press the top left and boom press x1 k and all upgrades and whatever idk your good now

  14. You could just put your name says open sesame.Exaple: if your name is Jack you would put jacksaysopensesame

  15. i haked so many times that i broke tha game

  16. Wilson saysopensesame for your name gives dev menu

  17. I just put in Game.cookies = 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  18. You can do this fishsaysopensesame name you will also get infinitely

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