How to get inf sugar lumps in cookie clicker (1 and 2) -

How to get inf sugar lumps in cookie clicker (1 and 2)

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In this video il show you how to get infinite sugar lumps


  1. i think if you refresh it 0 sugar again:)

  2. can some1 tell me what it says exactly cuz its not working and also its too blurry (did this get patched)

  3. also you can type Game.cookies=Infinity Or Game.lumps=Infinity

  4. its not working but i am an idiot so thats probably why

  5. do you have a auto clicker and if so what is it?

  6. whenever i try it stays as the same not the amount i put
    nvm i got it to work 😀

  7. need help nothing works AHHHHHHHHHHHH need heapl

  8. i wasted the last one i got cause i didnt know minygames exsisted apgraded my clicking power so ill take just 1

  9. can you make another thats not blurry please?

  10. Cheers! I know have a grandma who is 1686 years old and produces 76.581 nonillion cookies per second

  11. It didn't work, I don't get it, I even use the uppercase g in g.

  12. I can rilly help the code on the consle you need to impute is "Game.lumps=1000"
    your puting too much impute number and also mackshore that your in the consle not eliments. thise was helpfull and also try clearing the consle and its history, by left right clicking on the consle! agen thank sooooooo much


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