How to get Easy Shadow Achievements in COOKIE CLICKER! -

How to get Easy Shadow Achievements in COOKIE CLICKER!

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in this video i show you How to get Easy Shadow Achievements in COOKIE CLICKER!

The achievements we’ll be getting:
Tiny Cookie, What’s in a name, Here you go, Tabloid Addiction, Olden Days, Cookie Dunker and God Complex

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  1. You can host cookie clicker on consoles but you can’t ever get the cookie dunker achievement I’ve tried everything

  2. selling grandma is probably the easiest accidental achievement

  3. If you are like just starting, little to no cookies, just ascend for an achievement

  4. you missed one I notcied when you were doing the dunk the cookie acheievement if you clcik the scroll wheel when your bowser is very small it is another achievment, didnt know this until I tried getting other acheivment tho

  5. I accidentally got what I think personally is the saddest achievement, when you delete a grandma.The "I thought you loved me" hit real hard.

  6. i cant get the cookie dunker because i play on xbox:(

  7. you forgot about stifling the press

  8. If you get 1 million cookies without clicking you get a achievment

  9. This was a useful video, but only one of these was actually a shadow achievement :/

  10. I accidentally got here you fo achievement 😂

  11. The crazy thing is that when I was trying to get the Olden days I didn’t see the button so I resized my screen to see if I saw it and accidentally got the dunk achievement where you dunk the cookie in the milk!😂👏

  12. these are just regular achievements, not shadow achievements

  13. Another easy window resizing achievement is if you squish the window to be very narrow then click the news piece at the top you get an achievement for it

  14. I accidently spelled Orteil "Ortiel" and noticed that the cookie particals are diffrent

  15. the only shadow achievement in this video was the last one😑😑

  16. Fun Fact: If you sell one grandma, you get the "Just wrong" achievement

  17. I know another easy shadow achievement! Click inspect on the right of the shop with the wooden border. You should see that the news says "help". Now click on it. You should get "Stifiling the press"

  18. theres also a achivement that name is: "hacked cookies taste awful" or something like that u need to cheat some cookies it

  19. I got the 1/500000 and shiny wart in the same day

  20. There only one shadow achievment in this video

  21. My milk just disappeared and I don’t know why. Help?

  22. Selling a singular granny gives an achivement

  23. The "button" actually a ladyfinger cookie.
    If you have your name as Orteil, then you will get a -2% cps untill you change the name.

  24. if you swap the i and the e it causes a cool thing too happen when you enter orteil

  25. You can also get an achievement by enabling an addon.

  26. I can't dunk the cookie and I've made the window the smallest it can be

  27. You have only baked 17.644 Billion cookies in that run 0:02

  28. can someone send me a save with all Shadow Achievements unlocked??

  29. I'm looking at it right now on mobile and I don't seem to see the things so do you have any tips

  30. 2:30 or if ur doing the website just zoom in by pressing ctrl scroll button

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