How to get Easy Shadow Achievements in COOKIE CLICKER! -

How to get Easy Shadow Achievements in COOKIE CLICKER!

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in this video i show you How to get Easy Shadow Achievements in COOKIE CLICKER!

The achievements we’ll be getting:
Tiny Cookie, What’s in a name, Here you go, Tabloid Addiction, Olden Days, Cookie Dunker and God Complex

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  1. the only shadow achievement in this video was the last one😑😑

  2. Fun Fact: If you sell one grandma, you get the "Just wrong" achievement

  3. I know another easy shadow achievement! Click inspect on the right of the shop with the wooden border. You should see that the news says "help". Now click on it. You should get "Stifiling the press"

  4. theres also a achivement that name is: "hacked cookies taste awful" or something like that u need to cheat some cookies it

  5. I got the 1/500000 and shiny wart in the same day

  6. There only one shadow achievment in this video

  7. My milk just disappeared and I don’t know why. Help?

  8. Selling a singular granny gives an achivement

  9. The "button" actually a ladyfinger cookie.
    If you have your name as Orteil, then you will get a -2% cps untill you change the name.

  10. if you swap the i and the e it causes a cool thing too happen when you enter orteil

  11. You can also get an achievement by enabling an addon.

  12. I can't dunk the cookie and I've made the window the smallest it can be

  13. You have only baked 17.644 Billion cookies in that run 0:02

  14. can someone send me a save with all Shadow Achievements unlocked??

  15. I'm looking at it right now on mobile and I don't seem to see the things so do you have any tips

  16. 2:30 or if ur doing the website just zoom in by pressing ctrl scroll button

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