How To Get Cookie Clickers Hack 2021 Version (Easy) works on any iphone -

How To Get Cookie Clickers Hack 2021 Version (Easy) works on any iphone

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Yo guys hope you enjoyed this Vid if you have cookie clicker you should definitely check this out byeee


  1. Access ability – switch control – switches – add new switch – screen – full screen – select item – back x2 – recipes – create new recipes – name pogger clicker cookie hack – assign a switch – full screen – custom gesture – new gesture – fingers either side of screen, tap at the speed of light until blue line goes away fully – NO SWIPING, SWIPER (whilst tapping) – save – go back x2 – click launch recipe – go to poggers clicker cookie hack – back – turn switch control on – triple tap home button – go to cookie clicker – triple tap home button – click oncedon’t mind me just doing a thing


  3. I just got my account back after almsot 2 years!!!!… i realise how cringe i sounded lol

  4. It’s not a hack, and my thing is disabled so I can’t do this. Do not take this as a hate comment but can you find a different one?

  5. I have an iPhone XS it worked so far but when i Switch on the Switch Control i got a report. And when i want to accept the Report i have to tap the on/off Button of my phone but then is the switch Control off Too.

  6. It doesn't work I have an iPhone 6 I'm doing it and it pops up a little button and it clicks it a lot

  7. DO NOT DO THIS!!!
    I did it and my phone wouldn't recognise my face id and it was always glitching. couldn't even log on to my phone to go onto other apps.

  8. I’m never doing this again it glitched my phone and would not let me open it

  9. I have 64000000000000 cookie And I have 1th position

  10. It comes up with a noti when i triple tap that i cant press off on idk what to do

  11. Oh ma gawd this game Willy editcting an a rally lick it

  12. theres not only iphones you know cass i have a android theres samsung theres galixy

  13. It makes me confirm it I’m on the iPhone XR but I can’t confirm it at all

  14. I made it but then it won’t let me like agree I have put it on cause the clicker keeps going

  15. Hey bro I have an iPhone 11 and it doesn’t have a Home Screen what do I do?

  16. bro i got 600 billion cookies in cookie clicker in 95 days and no hacks and i promise you

  17. You said it's the 2020 game but your description said 2013

  18. I love it when kids do it cuz it’s much more easy 😃😃

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