How to get admin in cookie clicker -

How to get admin in cookie clicker

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    the reason why not to press ruin the fun in cookie clicker is because,
    You get infinity then these bugs come and eat all your cookies and start
    All over again and your hard work is all gone

  2. For me i just typed “Catsaysopensesame”

  3. Btw it does not work in steam also infinite cookies?

  4. I works fine but if you are using it on your main run I wouldn’t chick ruin the fun if you care about your run it makes you so good that it takes the fun out of the game i had to go from my last save i had 14 billion cups now I’m down to 340 million cps

  5. btw here is help Jsaysopensesame copy and paste that

  6. Now it’s called __Saysopensename

  7. we makin in outta school with this one

  8. fr this is for the old cookie clicker (fake one no offense)

  9. Yeah but how to put it back to normally?

  10. or try this one lmk if it don't work its wessel saysopensesame

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