How to get 130 golden cookies in 5 minutes. My Cookie Clicker 2 AutoClicker setup. -

How to get 130 golden cookies in 5 minutes. My Cookie Clicker 2 AutoClicker setup.

Conor Kelly
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**How it works**

–Golden Cookie AutoClicker (QuickTouch appears as black and green)–
Arranged in a net formation to catch golden cookies that fall anywhere on the screen.

Clicker #5 positioned to dismiss any cookie snitch popups.

No autoclicker is poitioned where an ad can be watched from cookie snitches.

All autoclickers have a start and end delay of 0 milliseconds and a click duration of 1 millisecond. This allows up to 60 clicks per second.

–Cookie Break AutoClicker (ClickAssistant appears as blue and white)–
This autoclicker reduces the wait time for the cookie to be fixed.

Clicker 1 – Turns on the Golden Cookie Autoclicker. Has an end delay of 37 seconds, meaning the next clicker will not activate until after 37 seconds.

Clicker 2 – Turns off the Golden Cookie Autoclicker. Has no end delay.

Clicker 3 – Enters Cookieland. Has no end delay

Clicker 4 – Acts as a troubleshooter. Dismisses any popups that could appear. Has an end delay of 2 seconds in case any loose golden cookies fall.

Clicker 5 – Enters Cookieland. This is useful where Clicker 3 could not enter cookie land. Has an end delay of 1 second to allow cookieland to load.

Clicker 6 – Exits Cookieland. Has no end delay.

*Why do I enter and exit Cookeland?*
Cookieland resets the cookie break timer, turning the 10 second wait into only 5 seconds. This allows over 10% more golden cookies to be clicked.


  1. where do I get the app for it the auto clicker

  2. Hello, can you tell me how you do that much cps with x5 only? My power click is max level and I do 10 times less than you with 45 click per sec

  3. Are you able to give me each step to set up what you did?

  4. I tried your setup, and I didn't notice a difference from my setup, in terms of GC per hour. I still got around 1100 GC per hour.

  5. do you use lucky spin with the bug without losing gold cookies or do you farm gold cookies first and then use lucky spin?

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