How To Cheat In Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker -

How To Cheat In Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker

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var newShimmer=new Game.shimmer(“golden”);


  1. var newShimmer=new Game.shimmer("golden"); for those who wanna copy

  2. thank you. I lost my progress so i had to spawn these in to get some of my upgrades back.

  3. It works but I deleted all my progress because I wanna be legit

  4. Br9 how I cheat in cookie clicker is by naming the bakery 'kylesaysopensesame' I think and then upgrade 1thing

  5. but i can just place an repeat here and timer to cookies spawn a bit slower and just get infinity X7 of cookies. or no i cant?

  6. "Cheated cookies taste awful"

    Also, name your bakery to "Austin saysopensesame"
    to unlock cheats 🙂

  7. Heres a way to get devs tools put your name at Fishsaysopensesame

  8. the fact that inspect element is a free hacking but you cant hack their information only the game

  9. Or you can just use the classic name that can activate the dev tools

  10. Or you can put dogsaysopensesame your user to get dev console

  11. If you want a more simple way just have “saysopenseasame” at the end of your name and you get cheats at the top left of the screen

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