How to cheat in Cookie Clicker by using an autoclicker! -

How to cheat in Cookie Clicker by using an autoclicker!

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In this video I’ll show you How to cheat in Cookie Clicker by using an autoclicker!

The Autoclicker:

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  1. Can you get banned for using 1 miliseconds on auto clicker on Cookie Cliker?

  2. Who else is just hovering over the uninstall button knowing this is the only thing that will every use it for and there's no point?

  3. I recognize a virgin fella. Liked and fapped

  4. Jedi Mind Trick: This is not the cheat you are looking for

  5. whenever i try to use auto clicker on this game, it dosnt work?

  6. Cheating is a shadow achievement – you cheat in cookies. Not sure how you do it in steam, but it's called iirc, "hacked Cookies Taste Bad" or something similar. As each achievement gives a % cps and every 25 give a new tier of milk which gives even more %cps and scales off the kitten upgrades then it's something you can figure out guilt free. 🙂

    Pretty sure you can just start the game in the browser version, hack in whatever cookies you need,s ave the game then import the save file to your steam game and bam, sorted.

  7. 2:00 This isn't accurate at all though. Aura gloves and the heavenly upgrade that comes after that literally doubles your clicking power if your cursors are level 10. Late game means more mouse upgrades, or more percentage of your cookies per second per click. Also wrinklers withering your cookies per second means clicks are a lot more important later. But of course the most useful part of an autoclicker: combos. Basically you can stack multiple effects from golden cookies and make centuries of CpS in seconds. In those few seconds, the faster you clicker, the more profits.

  8. Playing cookie clicker without an autoclicker is pretymuch imposible, but anyways this is the fastest auto clicker( set it to -0 and it will be op).

  9. sadly i need a pc for this but i use chromebook :c

  10. Are there any autoclickers that work without having to leave the tab open?

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