How to Cheat: Cookie Clicker Infinity Cookies! {Mac and PC} -

How to Cheat: Cookie Clicker Infinity Cookies! {Mac and PC}

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  1. bruh i think this guy is showing his email.

  2. how do you make the cookies go to 0 because it says infinite when i reset it

  3. If your mobile players you can also use this hack in name type : fish saysopensesame

  4. the real way to get infinite copkies is to name your bakery fish saysopensesame then use the dev commands at the top left corner of your screen then boom infinite cookies when your in the dev command click x1k on the dev command menu keep pressing that and BOOM infinite cookies!

  5. It works and no im not a bot or his friend and I could prove that just look at my vids and reply to this

  6. Hey man wonder if you still look at the comments

  7. Game.cookies= 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 to copy and paste

  8. his voice is like nice and smooth talking like some of my friends and one of my friends left me from discord D:

  9. also the mouse sounds nice and btw what you use to record?

  10. my friend did a prank on me then i lost all my cookies

  11. It feels weird looking at comments from almost 9 years ago.

  12. press f12 on ur keyboard for pc (only works on pc)


  14. Why would you tell them it is no more fun 🙁

  15. . . . you could do something like CHANGING YOUR NAME TO GET DEV CHEATS but the secret name is for you to know 🙂

  16. hey btw the yt link he acc did was HIS OWN CHANNEL. LOL.

  17. if you scroll up, the game leaves a message saying you cheated. they really thought of everything

  18. thanks for the help i forgot how to do it

  19. is it just me or do all low sub channels have really loud intros?

  20. Thank you so much i have infinite cookies and all i want now is infinite sugar lumps do you think you can try to do that for me please and Thank you.

  21. Poverty you looking in the comments to see if it works

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