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Hitting *INFINITE* Cookies in Cookie Clicker.

Lex Lounge
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  1. Comment inspired by Preston B., but Lex please play Dead by Daylight with your boys you won’t regret it….unless you’re rank 1

  2. Dude right click and inspect is the way to go

  3. You actually made a video playing cookie clicker

  4. Cmon king, i’ve been waiting for a reply on my comment, let’s see if he does

  5. Isn’t it supposed to be how many cookies you’ve baked in that run not how many you have in the bank

  6. Bro this might be cringe but Im really in my feels rn. I just miss being young and playing zombies. I miss playing with yall and making connections over nothing. I just miss it. The reality is, its never going to be the same and its weird accepting that. I want to feel happy playing video games again man. I want to build connections through a game and for whatever reason its so goddamn hard to now. I miss ya'll man. 😢

  7. me with a macro with 3ms delay and 333 cps

  8. HaHa this sht ain’t ever pre

  9. March 2nd stream yet its march 1st. Ayo outbreak got lex playing in the future. Can I get a Drake for that?

  10. hey heres a tip. change ur Bakery name to 'chill Saysopensesame

  11. This is the same background music that FaZe Jev uses

  12. I never thought of the day I learn tips and tricks for Cookie Clicker coming from a zombies youtuber

  13. You should play « golf with you’re friends »

  14. Lmao I seen your collab with crispy on Omegle and started watching him religiously so I knew this was from him

  15. Lex. You know it’s overall cookies right? Not the cookies on that page because you’ve been spending

  16. commit lex you know you dont wanna play zombies anymore you could be the worlds biggest cookie clicker youtuber

  17. This man is breaking down this thing like an Easter egg tutorial

  18. I remember playing this cookie clicker that had drugs in it instead of cookies. The gud shit

  19. What has this platform come to a man playing cookie clicker and people are interested in this is just shameful

  20. Bruh I’ve reached nan cookies before

  21. The way he drags his cursor across the screen with an active autoclicker fills me with anxiety

  22. Ik a cheat where u go to inspect element and go to console

  23. Man says gets 10 cps. Me who gets about 13 cps with one finger

  24. The current state of Call of Duty Zombies ladies and gentlemen…

  25. •codilaa• #roadto75subs on break says:

    My cookie clicker progress got reset 😭

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