Granny Sweatshops Made Me A Billionaire - Cookie Clicker -

Granny Sweatshops Made Me A Billionaire – Cookie Clicker

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Why would I click cookies when I can make your grandma click them for me?

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Itro – Panda [NCS Release]


  1. FYI Captain sauce, the milk goes up a little everyone you get an achievement and when you have cats, they can give you a boosted cps from how many achievements you have

  2. Most people: at least 2 grandmas

  3. Day 1 of bugging cap into finishing Minecraft

  4. Captainsauce you can have dev stuff if you name your bakery cool saysopensesame ps DO NOT PUT SPACES IN saysopensesame

  5. I can get my grandma to do that but i need two things god’s phone number and a shovel

  6. I want to see a whole series of this please

  7. Wow, never thought I would enjoy watching a dumb ass playing cookie clicker for 19 minutes straight. Keep up the good work sauce

  8. You should go check on subnautica below zero again they have finished it

  9. This game paired with caps personality is awesome hopefully he makes more

  10. It’s been a week since I watched your videos so how’s my favorite YouTuber doing

  11. hello Sause i have been a fan for about 4 years now im 12 and love your videos and keep making people laugh

  12. I remember years before I played this game online and it was awesome but I got scared to death by the Grandma Apocalypse thingy.

  13. Cap there is tons of grannies on “hot singles in your area” ads.

  14. So I was playing this game and I finally got 1 trillion total cookies, which allowed me to ascend, DO NOT ASCEND! I lost everything. I know what it's supposed to do but to me it's not worth it so just warning ya cap.

  15. One of the kids in my school found this game then it had to get banned because everyone played it

  16. You got my like in the first 30 seconds 😂 can't say the same for my grandma though!

  17. Me who just started playing cookie clicker also me usually using two cheats

  18. Sauce, the Milk rises and changes flavors based on the achievements you get. Just letting you know

  19. Make more, the cookie mafia has their eyes on you now. You know what you have to do.

  20. put "saysopensesame" after the random name

  21. we gotta give this vid a bunch of likes so we can continue his series of this game

  22. Put your name as say opensesame With no spaces and see what happens

  23. Every time he says something about the grandma's I say shut up

  24. Some peaple have 1 grandma especially in alabama

  25. I would love to see more of this game, you always make amazing content

  26. Just randomly thought about this game and now i'm addicted again

  27. Ya finger my cookie.yep only captain sauce

  28. Put your name as anything then type”saysopensesame”

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