GMNaroditsky plays chess like Cookie Clicker -

GMNaroditsky plays chess like Cookie Clicker

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  1. i didn't know you can premove more than once 😀 i dont lichess has that option

  2. endgames like these are the reason for why bullet will always be thrash

  3. The knowing that you can promote a pawn wwithout anything stopping it has to be one of the top 5 best feelings in the world.

  4. He foresaw all of this happening.

  5. Thx for this content, keep doing it! I love 30s chess

  6. Click click click and boom another ads

  7. i would have a stroke if i try to think that fast

  8. When you realize is not the only Narodistky who click fast

  9. Anyone know the song in the background of the first clip?

  10. Imagine practicing your flicks in an aim trainer to play chess.

  11. I guess his opponents must be doing the same thing…

  12. What the fuck is modern chess today? Seems like the dude hopped off of 360 no scoping in COD.

  13. This is what google shows when you look up “anime protagonist”

  14. Me a 600 rating: Watching him fall one move behind

  15. when chess becomes real time strategy game

  16. I wanna see naroditsky or penguingm do aimlab LMAO

  17. I already practiced to be as fast as him, now only need to practice how to not lose every single time

  18. White Knight C4 vs Black King B2… and he didnt go for it? Am I missing something here orrr? 0:15

  19. I can’t even play cookie clicker this fast

  20. Running around the pawn at the end so he couldn't get checked from that direction was brilliant

  21. Movement of pieces reminds me of stop motion films I don't know why

  22. thats the proof of lights speed is faster than sound speed lol

  23. How do you even process that, it's legit 3 moves per second

  24. When he captures the queen with his knight. And then it disappears as if he had moved before his turn. That makes no f sense to me

  25. Me who played cookie clicker on a true nneverclick run:


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